TRON @ Cal Hacks - API Contest & Prizes

Beginner: Document your journey exploring blockchain and create educational content (video, article, tutorial, etc). Topics could include NFTs, ICOs, consensus, wallets, etc.
  • Prize: Apple Airpods and visit to TRON HQ
Intermediate: Build on the TRON blockchain. Not comfortable coding on blockchain? Create a project proposal w/ prototype and map out your blockchain integration.
  • Prize: VIP tickets to the TRON Summit in 2019 and meet NBA superstar… (some call him the G.O.A.T.)

What is TRON

TRON is an ambitious project dedicated to the establishment of a truly decentralized Internet and its infrastructure. The TRON Protocol, one of the largest blockchain based operating systems in the world, offers base public blockchain support of high throughput, high scalability, and high availability for all decentralized applications in the TRON ecosystem.

Dapps, smart contracts and how it relates to TRON

A decentralized application (Dapp) is an application that runs on a peer-to-peer network (i.e. blockchain) where users do not depend on a central computer to send and receive data. It has many advantages such as being fault-tolerant (no single point of failure) and being an intrinsic barrier to collusion.

A smart contract is a piece of software that stores rules and penalties around an agreement and it automatically enforces them. When the terms of the agreement are fulfilled, it automatically executes the transaction. Everything is done in a conflict-free way while avoiding the services of a middleman.

The TRON blockchain is the underlying technology that supports and enables the execution of Dapps and smart contracts.

TRON development tools 

The TRON ecosystem offers developers a multitude of tools to facilitate the process of building and deploying a dApp and/or smart contract. 

TRON Web: Javascript API used to interact with the TRON network. Heavily influenced by Ethereum Web3.js.
TRON Box: Development environment and testing framework used to compile, deploy and test smart contracts implemented in the Solidity programming language. Similar to Ethereum’s Truffle.
TRON Grid: Collection of clients running in the cloud that allows developers to interface with the TRON network without deploying their own nodes. Similar to Infura on the Ethereum’s platform.
TRON Studio: Intuitive IDE for developing, deploying and triggering smart contracts. Similar to the Remix IDE on Ethereum’s platform.

Visit for the complete documentation on how to use the tools.

Using TRONWeb

In order to interface with TRON’s network through TRON Web, you need to have a wallet with some TRX funds. TRONLink is an intuitive wallet that can be added as a Chrome extension and it allows you to connect to either the mainnet (the real live network) or testnet (network used for testing). You can download it from

Once you created your wallet account, make sure you switch to the shasta testnet in your wallet settings. 

You can request to receive free TRX coins on your testnet account by visiting and entering your wallet’s address (public key) at the bottom of the page.

Installation using NPM
To install TRON-Web using the latest release on NPM (Javascript package manager), execute the following command in a Windows or Unix shell:

  • npm install tronweb

Installation using Github
To download the latest version of TRON-Web using Github, execute the following command in a Windows or Unix shell:

Running the example located in examples/server/index.js
  • cd tron-web
  • yarn
  • yarn build -d
  • yarn example