Translations for propaganda messages forwarded in India

The following are my translations for messages referred to by my blog post on this topic. For the full context, check the post at

Message 1

Uruguay has four cows for every person on average, and it’s the number one country in the world in terms of agriculture. It has only 3.3 million people, and 12 million cows. Each cow has an electronic chip in its ear, which can be used to track it. Farmers use machines to harvest as well as track crop data, which can be used to analyze produce for every square meter.

In 2005, this country of 3.3 million people produced grain for 9 million people, and today for 28 million people. It has taken decades of research for the country, farmers, and animal rearers to achieve this success. 500 agricultural engineers use drones and satellites to keep track of farmers to enforce standardized farming practices.

Which means along with dairy products, a huge surplus of grain production, which is easily exported and each farmer becomes rich, earning $19,000 per year. The national symbol of Uruguay is the Sun, and national symbols of progress are the horse and cow. The punishment for killing a cow in this country is execution by hanging.


Message 2

Very important message! The PMO’s appeal to you - there is a conspiracy at the national and international level behind Sahitya Akademi (literary academy) awards being returned. You should not take this lightly.
This attack on the Modi government is being led by a nexus of the Congress Party with international NGOs and media. Given the information I’ve received, The Modi government has investigated this via the secret service, and it has been discovered that the US, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan are all involved in the current situation in the country. An international PR agency has been hired for this.
The entire plot to return awards started when some big Congress leaders, JNU professors, and some English journalists met writers (who had received Sahitya Akademi awards) to get them to return awards over the killing of Mohammad Akhlaq. Fearing a reaction, many writers didn’t agree at first, after which Nehru’s niece Nayantara Sahgal was brought forward. Then the other writers followed through, especially those whose NGOs were being funded by international agencies, and are under investigation by the Modi government. Their funding has since been stopped. Internationally, more than 150 writers and journalists have been contacted to prove that India is an intolerant country. An international funding agency has hired an international PR agency to work for US-Saudi Arabia-Pakistan, for crores of rupees. They’re all working together to prevent India from getting a permanent UNSC seat by proving India to be an intolerant country that violates human rights. For this, the US first prepared it’a religious report, picking on BJP leaders for statements they made. Saudi Arabia’s royal family is leading the UN Human Rights Panel and is targeting India over human rights violations to help Pakistan. The Modi government has this report too. It has also been discovered that this international PR agency has largely funded several writers, journalists, and media houses in India, trying to keep the controversy alive until the elections in Bihar. If the BJP loses in Bihar, then it’ll be projected internationally as a government that violates minority rights.
Possibly, this will put the Modi government on the back foot, after which Hindu issues like cow-killing etc. will bt put on hold. The US is scared that Christianity is in turmoil there, and people are being drawn to Hinduism. The the BJP wins in Bihar, then these international conspirators can try to cause a large scale religious conflict, trapping the Modi government in these issues. The Modi government is alert and analyzing the situation. Possibly there will be a larger investigation after the Bihar elections, and there are allegedly efforts to stop that.
I request all Indians to stay away from this international conspiracy and maintain religious harmony. This is your country, please don’t defame the country to help the US-Saudi Arabia-Pakistan.

Thanks! P.M.O., Govt. of India.