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The Experience Economy | From a place to buy to the place to be

The five P’s that guaranteed past success,  Product, Place, Promotion, Price and People are under siege by those competing in the platform economy.  This fourth wave, powered by digital matchmakers like Airbnb with Tourism, Uber with Taxis, Netflix with content, Amazon with retail, Zillow with real estate Skip with Restaurants, and thousands more. Applications  that are disrupting sectors that were recently thought of as too big to fail.

The disruptive competitors access our mobile phone as their Trojan Horse to offer the consumer “More and Less’.  More of what matters to each, and will less friction and pain points.  They disrupt entire sectors through their ability to curate competitive offers, aggregate pricing, marginalize if not commoditize brands and to use data to ‘fly fish’ directly into the consumers' wallet.

Tony Chapman, a competitive strategist, and one of Canada’s leading media authorities on ‘cause and effect’ will take apart the Platform Economy to show what we must do to counter these disrupters, stay relevant and give our consumers a reason to visit and spend.  He will draw upon case studies from around the world to encourage ‘bricks and mortar’ to shift from a place to buy, eat or visit, to one that also offers personal experiences that are value-based, emotive and transformative, and that let people be who they want to be.

Key Takeaways:
  • Why the 5 P’s - Product, Place, Promotion, Price and People are all under siege by digital based disruptors in the Platform Economy.
  • Identify the two points of entry where you are most vulnerable to disruption.
  • Take a deep dive into the experience economy and how and why it is driving consumer spending.
  • Mind your 5 P’s but learn how to identify your ‘Be’s’ - the intersection between your brand and the consumers you covet where can be emotive and transformative 
  • Learn how focusing on the right ‘Be’s’ will enable you to attract guests, increase spend, develop better talent, and guide your messaging and offer, and spark innovation.

Stop Telling Your Story. Become Part of Mine: How to get the attention of the people that matter most to you

Attention is the oxygen of most human endeavour, but in the Age of Noise most brands, ideas and proposals are starving for attention.  Too many choices and too much content are competing for a finite amount of our audiences time. So how do we get heard? We stop telling our story and become part of theirs.  

Tony Chapman will draw upon his three decades of crafting powerful stories that engage the ‘head, heart and hands’ of audiences across all industry sectors.  He uses entertaining and enlightening case studies to show why any audience-employees, customers, prospects and investors and all face to face and digital channels respond to this powerful and emotive platform.

Your audience will learn how to craft their message and value proposition into stories and more importantly, why success can only happen when you position your audience, not your offer as the hero, and establish your role as the enabler, helping to bring about the desired outcome.

Key Takeaways:
  • The essential pillars to crafting a story & the four human motivators to generate audience response.
  • The critical roles in the story, and why your audience is the hero.
  • Why storytelling is the best way to be heard in the age of noise.

A Brand New World: Make things Happen Versus Wonder What Happened

Tony outlines the critical forces of change that are rendering much of what we know about leading businesses and even societies obsolete. A growing divide has collapsed the middle ground. You are either making things happen or wondering what happened, there is no status quo.

Tony looks at how to make things happen by first identifying then giving the people that matter most to you – employees, customers, prospects, influencers, and investors ‘More and Less’. More of what matters to each of them – value-added personalization, with less friction and effort. He shows how do dot the three ‘I’s’. Insight, Imagination and Intention. In this Brand New World there is no middle ground. You must make things happen versus wonder what happened.

Tourism, Hospitality & Retail | The Place to Be

Tourism, Hospitality and Retail must urgently change their strategy from being a place to visit, eat or buy things to 'the place to be'.   This is the only way to counter the mobile disruptors who want to curate their brand, aggregate their pricing and even completely bypass their offering. The Place to Be is where you can capitalize on the experience economy which is outperforming services and brands on every metric - growth, margin, profitability and customer loyalty and word of mouth.

In this inspirational keynote, customized to your sector and packed with insights and actionable strategies for your business or career, you will discover just how disruptors are using mobile technology as a 'Trojan Horse' to neutralize and commoditize your offering and why executing your 5 P's - Premise, Place, Promotion, Price and People are no longer tactics for growth, but at best survival.

Key Takeaways:
  • The technological and social forces that are powering the Experiences Economy.
  • How to utilize the four 'Be's' as motivators for humans - to be safe, be social, be purposeful, and be transformative. 
  • Why demographics are no longer a compass for setting strategy.
  • How to choose and then invest in the 'Be's, that best fit your offering and the customers you covet.
  • Shift your focus to the Place to 'Be' and create sustainable profit and growth for your business, and purpose for your people.

Cannabis | It’s a Bong Show

Tony Chapman believes we are squandering first-mover advantage with cannabis, the most significant consumer product launch in our history,  and at a time when Canada's economy is starving for growth.  Instead of unleashing free enterprise to cultivate, invest in science, file patents and create brands we handcuff them and turn a blind eye to the black market which generates more cannabis revenue in North America than McDonalds and Starbucks combined. In this keynote, Chapman shares what he would do to set Canada up for sustained success in this once in a lifetime opportunity.


Workshop | Reciprocity How to give, share, create and collaborate to gain the trust and loyalty of others

Reciprocity, the lifeblood of humanity, is being challenged by many of today's’ technologies. Humans are being conditioned to promote themselves in social media and are obsessed with finding their 15 megs of fame. Often we do this, with little regard for others. We clamor to push forward our stories, ideas, content and selfies with the sole purpose of finding others who can give us ‘likes’, while we offer little or nothing in return.

Tony begins the workshop by asking a simple sentence. I work here and do my job because _________________.