Tips for Submitting in the Online Contest
This document includes a few recommendations to participants, as they are preparing their online contest submission. 

  1. There are three testing and evaluation scenarios anticipated:
  1. If you have standalone applications with no server requirements will be tested on phone/emulator, it will have internet connectivity.
  1. If you have an applications requiring server and internet access must host server/web application in the cloud using IBM, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud, etc. cloud services. There are a few cloud services which are blocked, we recommend you use the recommended cloud services to ensure connectivity.
  1. Web Application/Server – if needed
  1. We would prefer contestant to use a cloud solution for backend server/container
  1. IBM Cloud – free lite account
  1. Other cloud solution: Microsoft Azure, AWS, Google Cloud etc. 
  1. Contestant can sign up for trial version or pay for cloud
  1. If your application requires a server to be hosted locally, it will be hosted by PSCR without internet access. 
  1. Server hosted locally by PSCR with NO internet access
  1. Virtual Machine – Participants must export virtual machine in OVA or OVF format. Participants must adjust their IP addresses to match the IP address scheme below to ensure they import correctly to our local network.
  1. Must provide administrative credentials – ex. Username/password
  1. IP Address must be assigned according to competition, list IP address used
  1. Competition 1
  1. Competition 2
  1. Competition 3 etc.
  1. Any service that is needed to run must start automatically or stated in the instructions
  1. Docker Container
  1. Must provide credentials if needed
  1. IP addressing: same as virtual machine specs
  1. If there are individual components utilized by your submission that are not covered in the cloud services or virtual machine sections, please provide detailed information in your installation guide:
  1. For example, data files or data bases