Threads v2 Early Preview
Below, we’d like to point you to some resources for learning about design of Textile Threads as well as review, test, and build on some early examples. We are moving quickly to make this work production-ready, but wanted to let you get your hands dirty even before the code is necessarily stable. 

Update 01/09/20

All the pieces below are ready for testing and available now. Please follow development on textileio/go-threads.


You can view our technology roadmap here:
We are releasing the Draft technical paper for general readers on Dec 16th.
We are aiming to release the first threads libraries (Javascript, Go) on Dec 16th. 

Key Repos

go-textile-threads: the reference implementation of threads.
js-threads-client: client built that will work for web, nodejs, and react native apps.
dart-threads-client: client for dart apps.

We have clients for other platforms scoped (e.g. iOS, Android) for quick development, if you have specific needs please let us know so we can prioritize these projects. 

We have a THREADS channel in Slack if you would like to chat about any of the above. 


We are putting together a number of examples for you to understand how to start building with threads. 
  • go-foldersync (above): the Foldersync demo models a set of user-folders for sharing data/files using threads. There is a very comprehensive readme for you to follow this project. 
  • js-foldersync: the Foldersync demo running on the JS library.
  • go-textile-threads/examples: Chat (doesn’t use the eventstore but showcases some p2p capabilities), Counter, and Book collections.. Basic implementations of the core threads protocols. 

Technical Paper

The draft can be found 
If you would like to leave comments or discuss issues as tickets, please let us know and we’ll add you to the markdown repo.