The ultimate ‘Experience Design Community - Reference List’ 
Cool content, tools, and resources to help us create amazing experiences and build more collaborative teams to solve real customer and business problems.

Problem Statement:
We have been creating lists for years. Saving articles and sites as bookmarks, using various amazing tools like Evernote, Notion, nTask, Wunderlist, Todoist etc. It was a mess…most have been lost.  - Angus (Co-Founder) 🇿🇦 

What if we as a design community co-create the ultimate experience design reference list to help so that we could have an amazing list of useful links in one place.

How to use this list:

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🙌 To rank the link in each sub category, hover over the bullet point and sort by dragging the link. 

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To add
🔥 Please help build our community list by adding a hot link in the appropriate section. Don’t forget to add your name to the contributor’s list.

🚀 Here’s the List…please share far and wide. 🌎🌍🌏

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