The second Tel-Aviv Deep Learning Boot-camp: May 19-23 , 2019 Curriculum 

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Shlomo Kashani:
Contact: Shlomo Kashani, Head of AI at DeepOncology, Author of “Deep Learning Job Interviews”, Kaggle Expert, Founder of Tel-Aviv Deep Learning Boot-camp


The curriculum of the first 2018 Boot-camp:

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This set will be used for classification, segmentation and detection. 

Participation for the whole 5 days is via a donation of 150 NIS to the A.L.S ASSOCIATION for promoting research of the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) disease. 

Provisional Sessions (DRAFT to be updated):

Tel-Aviv Deep Learning Bootcamp is an intensive (and free!) 5-day program intended to teach you all about deep learning. It is nonprofit focused on advancing data science education and fostering entrepreneurship. The Bootcamp is a prominent venue for graduate students, researchers, and data science professionals. It offers a chance to study the essential and innovative aspects of deep learning. 

T: theory (slides and animations)
P: practice (Jupyter Notebooks)

Dates: May 2019
Requirements: Knowledge of python programming Basics of linear algebra and statistics Environment : Google Collab, Google Cloud, Python Jupyter Packages: numpy, pytorch, torchvision, matplotlib. Python 3.5+, CUDA 9, cuDNN 7, PyTorch 1.0 
PyTorch and torchvision wheels are available on

Dr. Eyal Gruss is a machine learning researcher and consultant expertizing in image and language processing, with experience in diverse domains, including: medical, financial, cybersecurity, sensory, advertisement, web, real estate and creative. Eyal Holds a PhD in physics and is a Talpiyot graduate. He is a mentor for Google Launchpad and gives lectures and workshops for both professionals and the general public. Eyal is also a failed entrepreneur, a social activist, a poet and a new-media artist creating interactive installations and computer generated art.

Bar Hilleli is a deep learning researcher at Amazon. He holds a MSc from the Technion. For fun he likes to swap people faces using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs). Video link:
LinkedIn profile: