😍 Learning Solutions Digital Experience LSDX 2021 Shaping What Works Presentation Resources + Links
updated: 6/2/21

🌈 Overview

We’ll be adding resources, links and our presentations during the event. Β A list of apps, tools, hardware and resources that we discussed during the online sessions. Below you can find our presentation schedule, replay, download and list of resources and apps to experiment after the conference.


🍎 Presentation Downloads:

We will be adding presentations during the conference just after each event. Β Resources below (keep scrolling.)Β 

πŸ˜ƒ 5/3/21 | Β 6 Learning Trends to Know, Adopt + Grow Your Skills FS02

Watch the Replay

🐒 5/4/21 | Β Adopting Agile Design to Create & Collaborate: Let’s Get Inspired! T202

Watch the replay.Β 


πŸ’₯ 5/10/21 Β | The Future of Instructional Design: 5 Perspectives K1

Watch the replay.Β 


🚚 Tools + Resources

updated 6/2/21

πŸ“’ Apps / Note Taking

  • Microsoft OneNote All
  • Otter.ai for transcriptions of audio (free up 300 min a month)) web | app
  • Notability iOS
  • Pocket All

🎨 Design / Creative

  • This by TinRocket iOS