🦄 The Journey of a Game Developer who increased CLTV by 25%
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👋 Meet Ryan…

Ryan is an Apple design award winning game developer from San Luis Obispo, CA. 

🔎 Ryan was looking for a new way to monetize his game

and how to increase customer lifetime value (CLTV) for his iOS game called Blackbox. He knew that he needs to rely on multiple monetization strategies in order to make money.

🚫 But he had a problem!

As a game developer, he didn't want to have a paid game. In-app purchase (IAP) as an alternative are great but you cannot just rely on one monetization strategy. And he knew that mobile video ads seriously degrade the gaming experience.

Ryan wished there was a better way…

A better way to enhance the experience of all players (especially the high achievers - the loyal whale players) and also increase his customer lifetime value (CLTV).

🧞‍♂️ Until one day his friend recommended a reward engine that "does all the work for you. You just need to collect the check."

Meet Monetizr

Monetizr is a game reward engine that enhances the experiences of players by rewarding them for time and skill with real-life physical rewards - like t-shirts, decals, hats, 3d figurines and more. 

Game collectibles can be unlocked and purchased right within the game itself, as a result increasing LTV and enabling whale players to brag about the game and their achievements in the real world.

👉 Unlike others, this solution…

Monetizr enhanced the experience of players by rewarding them with real-life physical rewards like game related stealth t-shirts and high-quality decals that can be unlocked and purchased right inside the game. 

🤫 Monetizr allows to hide clues all around game collectibles and the packages they arrive in create immersive game experience in both digital and physical worlds

🚀 As a result…
Ryan increased LTV by 25% and made his player experience even more special, enabling them to brag about their achievements in the real-world.

🤩 And players were super happy! 

  • Thousands of player tweets and user photos, and even unboxing videos on YouTube.

Blackbox succeeded because

Monetizr used its patent-pending technology to reward gamers natively through the gamer's journey. 

  1. Emotional triggers: Monetizr identified emotional triggers by using the Octalysis framework through the narrative and the gamer's journey.