The Fiend and the Forge (The Tapestry #3)
The Fiend and the Forge by Henry H. Neff (The Tapestry #3)

Why this book is worth considering:
Wow. Things are bad. Demons rule and very few humans seem to care, or want to do anything about it.  Max on the other hand, is ready to head out on his own. All the events in Max’s life seem to be preparing him for the next.  Tons of action and intrigue continue in the series, with just enough doubt to make you question which side is which at times... but not for very long.  There are some instances where the book gets you to question who is good and who is evil… and then dumps you right back into the action.  Trust, friendship, and family are steady themes in these books.

Why this book might not be right for your teen:
Demons rule the world and angels are apparently captive slaves.  There continues to be a fair amount of violence… and fear… in small spaces, in the dark, with demons.  Otherwise, the books continue to be really clean.  There are hints of romance, references to swearing, and the only drugs are mythical poisons created from other-worldly sources.

Literary artistry:  *  *  *  *  * (4)

I would suggest this book to younger teens / older teens / all teens/ no teens.

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Reviewer:  Ethan Blomquist