WP013: The Corporate Podcast, & EBC’ing
Software Defined Talk Members Only White Paper Exegesis Podcast, episode #13
Coté & Brandon Whichard, November 2017.

Murder and comedy podcasts are all fun and dandy, but they’re strategically used by tech companies as well as marketing. This week, we look at some common formats, how they’re done, and how to consume them.

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Example Podcasts


  • Interviews, news, specific topics & products
  • Casual vs. highly edited vs. NPR

Metrics & Valuing

  • The people who control your marketing ops rarely “get” podcasts. Good luck with CTAs.
  • Downloads are pretty much all there is.
  • Sometimes you get in-person mentions from the field.


  • It’s probably best to just do your own, e.g., Cloud Foundry After Dark.
  • Side-effects: internal/Field training.
  • Also, educating yourself: getting your story straight, learning yourself.