The Big Idea 

Product Clarity Quest

A framework for evaluating business ideas and turning them into an actionable plan to build products. 

By Jon Myers

Life is a quest of purpose and clarity.
Our paths, vectors and mysteries, an ocean that unfolds in front of us and vanishes in the blink of an eye. We only have a moment to catch the wave.


Goals & What to Expect

Our goal is to evaluate the business idea and weigh it to see if it is worth pursuing.
1. Establish what the problem is, who the customer is and why this product should exist in the first place. 

2. Put the idea under the microscope and develop a clearer picture of how the idea can be formed into a product.
3. Conduct critical thinking that is necessary to build a precise product narrative.
4. Lay the framework for building communication tools around the product idea that will help others understand what we are building and why we are building it. Ideas and discussions in the ether are difficult to build against.

5. Set the stage to develop a clear actionable blueprint of how and what we are building. 


Big Ideas, are important.

Ideas however, as the cliche goes, are a dime a dozen

There are circumstances, which illuminate ideas and things that are inevitable. If we are fortunate enough to identify something, an idea, which has been illuminated, it’s safe to say - others have seen the illumination and the window that has opened as well.

In the sense of design, products and commerce, ideas rarely (though on occasion) solve pain, entertain or delight to the point where people invest their attention, time, allegiances, money and loyalties.

Ideas are the spark - plans, clarity, execution and adaptability gives birth to products that win minds and markets.  

Clearly articulated products (born of ideas) that serve the interests of people and society, and achieve market fit have a chance to earn the spoils of attention, time and money. 

Our goal in the beginning of the product design process is to achieve understanding, constantly working towards clarity. Maintaining specificity and eliminating vagary. 

We need to know exactly what we are building and why this product should exist.
The Product Clarity Quest is designed to guide you through the process of taking vague ideas and abstraction and helping you to form them into a coherent, actionable blueprint to build digital products.

Don’t make me or ask others to Google something for you. If you can’t execute a Google search, you shouldn’t even bother. 

Immediate action steps and questions to ask yourself before proceeding: