️The Awesome Idea Template
📎 Use this template to vet out your awesome idea. 

💡 The name of the idea (a cool code name, in bold)
Description, should be short elevator pitch
💩 Problem
  • 💩 You can nest the emojipoints like this
  • 💩 ex. The problem is [size] size
  • 💩 ex. The problem exists for [these] people
🎉 Solution 
💾 Tech (is it software, hardware, what materials etc) 
💰 How it makes dat money (subscriptions? advertising?)
🔪 Competitors
💵 How much it costs (estimate)
🕐 Estimated amount of time to get a the quick and dirty up
👿 Bad things about this idea (one, two sentences)
😇 Good things about this idea (one, two sentences)
💸 How big the market is (estimates in benjamins / millions / billions)
❤️ Who loves this (comma separated names)

📎 This template was built by Kurt Braget for http://www.popstand.com projects