The #2017Prez file drawer (updated regularly)
I started this list in 2017 to aggregate articles pointing out the danger and emotional instability of Donald Trump,  the new President.  

Since 2017, I’ve expanded the original purpose of this list, to aggregate articles about poverty, race and class in America.  Many of these links I’ve also put in the Tutor/Mentor Library.  This concept map points to sections that include these links.

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Since I started this list I also created a second list on DropBox focused on “complexity”. The articles are related to the list below. +Complexity - List 

1/30/2017 - Trump, ‘Alternative Facts,’ and Abuse -
1/30/2017- The Truth about Migration.  How it will reshape our world -
1/31/2017 - What Things Going Wrong Can Look Like - (courtesy of @Terry Elliott)
1/31/2017 - Trial Balloon for a Coup - (courtesy of @Terry Elliott)  
2/2/2017 - Map showing countries which were source of terror attacks in US.
2/14/17 - article about the Deep State - the people DT has put into power and what they represent. Long, but important reading.
2/18/17 - America's Long (unaddressed) history of class -
3/12/17 - This article focuses on the environment, jobs and the future. Universal basic income as a strategy to reduce consumption and it's negative impact on the environment is discussed.
3/15/17 - Information Wars: A Window into the Alternative Media Ecosystem -
3/22/17 - The Problem with Facts -   In the conclusion author writes "What we need is a Carl Sagan or David Attenborough of social science — somebody who can create a sense of wonder and fascination not just at the structure of the solar system or struggles of life in a tropical rainforest, but at the workings of our own civilisation: health, migration, finance, education and diplomacy."
3/28/17 -  Towards A Post Industrial Networked Democracy: A Decentralized Data Commons for The Exchange Of Tokens of Trust and Value - Written before Nov 2016 election. More urgent after.
4//19/2017 - Social Networks - Political Impact -  Kevin Hodgson, who I've met via the #clmooc, introduced me to this article with this thoughtful blog article:

7/25/2017 - America’s hidden philosophy -  It’s chilling to look at how a few people have shaped the way we live in 20th century America. This article is an example.

7/27/2017 - The End of the American Experiment - “Working societies — if they are to endure, grow, and cohere, if they are to prosper, hang together, and really mature — need moral universals. Moral universals are simply things that people believe everyone should have. In the UK, those things — those moral universals — are healthcare and media and welfare. In Germany, they are healthcare and media and welfare and higher education. And so on.” America has no “moral universals” and that’s why we’re in situation we are.  Read

8/14/2017 - Making Affirmative Action White Again - Shows systematic government programs since 1930s that befitted Whites and not Blacks and Latinos.

10/20/17 - Democracy in Chains, The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America.

1/11/2018 - The Lowest White Man” article NYTimes opinion- White Supremacy, Trump, Immigration -