Temporary Expert - Air Rights


Technical Stuff

  • Connect a multiple I2C devices to one arduino
  • Possibilities on wireless connections (DON’T NEED ANYMORE)

Things about Air Quality 

For health reasons - you can buy canned oxygen for people with emphysema, but maybe would it become normal to purchase it? Because the atmosphere is gross?
https://www.adafruit.com/product/3566 - air quality sensors (there are other ones besides this one too)

Ecosystems at large
  • Ecosystem Services aka natural capital

Research/Ideas on Environment

Author (Terry Tempest Williams) leases federal public land in an auction & established an energy company in order to prevent the land from being used by companies to drill for fossil fuels. They plan to do nothing with it. They are complying with the law still. → Not sure how the parcel of land will be affected by companies who own the surrounding land and the fossil fuels under the ground

Grand Central Terminal Air-Rights Controversy: https://www.mitpressjournals.org/doi/pdf/10.1162/ARTM_a_00198
“To the extent that historians continue treating the Grand Central Tower controversy as a battle to protect the terminal itself, they repress this antagonism between preservationists and a growth machinery operated by corporate capitalists—they repress exactly what the proposal made visible to its critics.”

cut+paste surrealism (ernest bloch) “He argued that any given “now” is not homogeneous in composition but a layering of eccentric temporalities, some synchronized to the clock of development and others asynchronous—outmoded remnants of earlier times, alien in and hostile to their own historical moment”

The thing is to be done, and our only wonder is our own lack of wonderment, our acceptance of the fact that any well- nanced irrationality . . . is almost surely ‘irreversible.”42

But what the New Yorker piece helps us see between Grand Central Tower’s unconventional urban aesthetic and its conventional urban economics is not contradiction but isomorphism. The clockwork predictability of this architectural expression, for critics, produced its surreality. Only blind capitalist economics, in other words, would so unthinkingly build (like automatic writing) a modernist skyscraper over a Beaux-Arts façade.