Template: Qualified idea examination


Write a short summary describing the problem that should be solved with this idea.


Describe your idea in detail and what the solution looks like. Write so that even someone unfamiliar with Particl Project understands. The process must be self-explanatory. Write as short as possible and be objective.

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  • Sample 2


What makes this idea good, where are the obstacles, what could go wrong?

  • Pro
  • list of resulting benefits and other positive implications

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  • sample2

  • Contra
  • list of resulting downsides and other negative implications

  • sample1
  • sample2

  • Attention Points
  • list of things that need to be taken into consideration or need special attention

  • sample1
  • sample2


What will be the overall risk/cost/reward ratio and what are the long term benefits for this idea to the Particl Project.

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  • sample2

Actions to make this idea work

What are the next steps to be taken to make this idea work. Sort by chronological sequence.

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  1. sample2
  1. sample3