Technical documentation for WPNews - Wordpress to Android + iOS Posts/News App
Created: 09/01/2020
Latest update: 17/01/2020
By: TLS Software
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I - Installation Steps

1. Tool Installation

  • WPNews Xamarin Forms bundle, you can get it from Here
  • Unzip theWPNews archive, extract it to new folder, and then open the folder.
  • In the main folder you will find the solution (Name:WPNews Type: Microsoft Visual Studio Solution) double click on it and wait till everything is loaded.
  • In the Visual Studio Build > Clean Solution, click it and wait till it finish.
  • Again In the Visual Studio menu bar go to Build > Build Solution, click it and wait till it finish building your project.
a)  Download Visual Studio for Windows as shown below

Select Mobile development with .NET check boxe as the image bellow and then press install for (Visual studio on Windows)

b)  Install all Android SDKs in your system.
From your Visual studio go to tools menu >> Android >>Sdk Manager
Select all the Sdk from version 4.4 till 9.0  or any SDK you targeted, as images bellow 

After you installed all the SDKs in your system, you are ready to start and build your app,
Follow step 3

c)  Press on Clean Solution, Then Build Solution,  and wait till it finish.

Be sure when your build your application to set  your linking to SDK and assemblies only”  in either Debug or Release mode before the archive is done  or during your test.


2. Wordpress Site Settings

a)  Install Wordpress
  • At first, Install WordPress in your site. To install WordPress in an existing website, check out this video
  • Go to WordPress Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Search for WordPress REST API’ > Install Now > Activate

b)  Import Post samples for Wordpress  

  • Go to WordPress Dashboard >Tools > Import > Search for WordPress > Run Importer (you may install Wordpress import tool if not installed yet).