TechCrunch Disrupt London - Marauder's Map Contest Resources

Contest Overview

Build a Harry Potter’s Marauders Map-inspired app using PubNub BLOCKS. 
The Marauder’s Map is a magical map that detects and shows realtime location of people. It only unlocks for the person with the correct password, and talks back to people who submit an incorrect password. The map also shows secret passageways and how to get through them, as well as the ability to identify people, countering any disguises that user may have. The map gives verbal feedback based on certain actions from the user.

What is PubNub and PubNub BLOCKS?

PubNub powers low-latency secure messaging on every device, at massive scale. Through a variety of realtime communication APIs, PubNub allows you to easily build realtime apps and features, including
  • Realtime messaging - send and receive messages in under .25 seconds
  • State monitoring (Presence) - monitor users and devices in realtime for online/offline status and device state
  • Access Manager - token-based access management for read/write privileges 

PubNub BLOCKS is realtime serverless compute for those realtime apps. It allows you to execute functions on your realtime messages while the data is in motion, without adding additional servers. For example, by simply integrating a PubNub BLOCK from our catalog of 30, you could translate languages in a realtime messaging app, or plot geolocation data as it moves.

What is Mapbox, and how’s it work with PubNub?

Mapbox is open source mapping platform for custom designed maps, with APIs and SDKs that are the building blocks to integrate location into any mobile or web app.

Mapbox + PubNub work together so you can build real-time, performant applications for people to look up addresses, get directions, and show their routes on a map – or maybe even for tracking real-time flights – into your PubNub projects. PubNub powers the realtime data streaming, and Mapbox provides the map.

What is IBM Watson, and how’s it work with PubNub?

IBM Watson analyzes, interprets, and reasons your data in-motion, meaning that you can take the insights generated by Watson, and deliver them to your end users, in realtime. 

Watson gives your app a voice based on activity in your application.

Get Started

Additional Resources and Tips


  • Bonus points: Allow use to create a schedule for when they are visible and/or geofenced area of visibility.
  • Bonus points: Most creative OAuth and security Layer. Ideas: Include an authentication model using something like Facebook OAuth. Build a security layer so that access to your location is only visible to your friends. Use BLOCKS to authorize the visibility of your location. Use KVStore as the authorization cache.
  • Bonus points: Most operations across the multiplexed bandwidth. Hint: Use channel groups and multiplexing and wildcard via the stream controller to minimize battery drain and bandwidth.