Team Name - SDG 4 (Quality Education

Project documentation template 
D.I.V.E 2019

Project identity

Name, logo, tagline

English memory - way to education - for a better education 
EDUCATION FIRST is our final team name because we figure out education was the first thing in your life, and it should be a priority in our society 

We finally decided to call our game : “Gandi drinks a chai tea” 

Team members

Pictures, key skills and team roles

Victoire, Agathe, Charles, Madhi and Camille 

Victoire, Madhi => speaker, pitch 
Agathe, Charles => survey, video 
Camille => Documentation, report 


Project summary

First problem statement : 
Children aged between 5 to 10 years old, living in Dharavi slum are currently not able to go to the primary school. Even if the school is free, they are not always aware of that and of the importance of education. Therefore, in this kind of areas, there is a higher rate of illiteracy (reading, writing and accountacy) 

2nd problem statement : 
Children aged between 6 to 12 years old, living in Dharavi slum are currently not able to speak english. Even if the school is free, English is not a priority because of the lack of qualified teachers and infrastructures. Therefore, they are facing difficulties to apply for university and they don’t have access to higher knowledge and everyday words written in English. 

Solution : memory game to make it easier and more fun to learn english

Who are we targetting : 
  • User : Children living in Dharavi ( 6-12 years old) / Maybe also rural areas ? 
  • Consumer : Parents / Grandparents / Families / Maybe schools ? 

Process and motivation

How did the project come to life? How does it match your skills and motivation?

We were all interested in education and we went to Dharavi slum to get inspired.
At first, we had a global approach and did not know on what to focus. We knew that school was already free but was already a cause of inequalities.