Teaching Intern
Tru seeks a part time intern or assistant teacher (depending on credentials). A successful candidate will assist in our younger classes (ages 5 - 7) three to five mornings per week.

Tru is a private, progressive elementary school near downtown Palo Alto serving students K – 6, with unique practices to support the love of learning. Students practice mindfulness, engage in stage performance, and learn through in-depth projects with cross-disciplinary themes. Teachers form personal relationships with each child based on developmental research and make strong connections with families.

Our philosophy is unique and requires educators who reflect on their practice, collaborate constantly, and bring a strong personal presence to their work. Our integrative approach requires creative development of original learning activities that reach across the traditional disciplines of science, literature, social studies, and the arts. A desire to explore, research, and teach unfamiliar topics is essential.

We hire for people, not positions. If you are a thoughtful and high-energy person who loves to create engaging and challenging experiences for children, consider building a relationship with us now!

• Observe experienced teachers at their work
• Practice child-centered approaches to the classroom
• Learn philosophy and practice with school founders

• Discuss assigned duties with classroom teachers in order to coordinate instructional efforts
• Prepare lesson materials, displays, exhibits, equipment, and demonstrations
• Tutor and assist children individually or in small groups in order to help them master assignments and to reinforce learning concepts presented by teachers
• Supervise students in classrooms, on the playground, and on field trips
• Conduct demonstrations of any relevant skills in music, sports, dance, and handcrafts
• Hold students responsible for appropriate behavior
• Instruct and monitor students in the safe use and care of equipment and materials
• Plan, prepare, and develop teaching aids for the classroom
• Provide extra assistance to students with particular needs
• Type, file, and duplicate materials

Based on experience and availability