Tangle visualisations

Tangle visualisations by iota.dance created at the end of 2017 as merch to support the site.

Each visualisation contains some exported part of the Tangle history to graphically visualise how beautiful and mind-blowing the Tangle actually is. 

To issue a transaction (dots in the visualisations), users must approve (lines in the visualisations) two other transactions. As a transaction receives additional approvals, it is accepted by the system with a higher level of confidence.

All visualisations are created by exporting recent history transaction data from an IRI node, converting them to DOT language and generating the undirected graph with Graphviz.

Click on the individual files to download a full resolution (18x24 inch, 300dpi) print file. All files are public domain.


IOTA #001 - #002

Tangle visualisations right after a snapshot in between 2017-09-22 and 2017-10-02.

All of 383 613 transactions that where made in this time period are plotted on the poster. The black lines correspond to approvals between transactions. 1 927 896 000 000 iota have been transferred during these 10 days.


IOTA #003

The visualisations contains 1 000 000 transactions during a stress test between2017-11-23 and 2017-11-27. 539 669 are targeted spam transactions (red in poster). On the left Tangle valid transactions (value transactions are green) fight through the cloud.