🚀 [XO] General process
Processes at TalkXO are a critical building piece. If we were to solve marketing & business problems using smart workflows, we must first have our sh*t together.

To begin, we divided our goals in 3 simple bullet points (below). Everything we do must qualify all three points, otherwise we aren’t being systematic.

  • Delivering gold-standard work
  • A healthy balance between effort and results
  • Measure everyday, change when required

It wasn’t just the quality assurance but our personal work motivations that are also kept corrected with this system.

How we develop a client knowledge-base?

Our first step to good work was developing a great client knowledge-base. It includes everything — the most granular of customer insights, business movement, competition and the general sentiment of what works and what doesn’t.

We do this using our layer-1, definitive methodology. It involves figuring reliable data sources, turning into insights, creating insight-driven workflows and deliver the best result.

Again, this is a very broad methodology. It was intended to be that. We didn’t wanted to hamper personal workflows of our team, neither be stuck at where to move. This methodology makes our direction definitive.

What is a campaign?

No, seriously. What is a marketing campaign? According to Collins English Dictionary,

(ˈmɑːkɪtɪŋ ˌkæmˈpeɪn) a series of coordinated activities designed to help market a product.

We went with this definition and made it is a ground rule. Give special attention to “series” of “coordinated activities” .  It lays out our entire campaign checklist.

  • Create the campaign proposition and the hero communication
  • Carefully select a workflow for the consumer — his campaign journey
  • Come up with value-added content ideas (spend time here!
  • Create specific content for all engagement channels in the workflow
  • Automate and execute the workflow
  • Observe and measure daily; optimise accordingly

What makes a campaign?

This is simple as well.

  • 🦸 Hero — a product and a communication
  • 🏠 Home  — a landing page or destination
  • 👍 Action — what we want the consumer to do
  • 🗺️ Roadmap — workflow out of the engagement channels
  • ⚒️ Distribution — the CRM channels and other media
  • 🤓 Monitor — a fabulous, customer-obsessed team

For every campaign, we prepare the above from scratch or use a tested template from the client’s own knowledge-base / past campaigns.