TRW Grant Application *Draft
  • After correspondence with the TRW working group, we will be splitting this into separate grants for better clarity in milestones & maximizing possible participation (WIP).
  • 1st Ron Eglash collaboration for STEAM & digital fabrication efforts - Jan. 12 😁
  • Metagov Connection Made! Jan. 6 
  • Danielle Wood contact made Jan. 21 🥳 

We prefer clear, concrete, and concise applications. If an application is incomplete or unclear, we will request an update to the application.


  • What problems do you aim to solve? How does it serve the mission of a user owned internet?


  • Long term sustainability in blockchain based systems.
  • Authentic Indigenous dialogue in social & technical systems of past & future.  

We hope to begin the path toward tangible case studies of bottom up distributed governance models. While also showcasing the benefits of transdisciplinary systems design. Key to these efforts will be local data management & systems building in the context of authentic indigenous dialogue. 

Project Overview

  • What solution are you providing? Who will it serve?

We hope to provide the Stacks ecosystem with open models & infrastructure templates for long term sustainability in blockchain based systems. 

Solutions will include suite of innovations in digital fabrication, indigenous modes & Stacks chain PoX features. Leveraging a comparative science dialogue to build a culturally situated STEAM education prototype.

Blockchain Solutions
  • Local data management (PoX based MIDs & DAOs)
  • Local trade infrastructure (Clarity, provenance, decentralized exchange etc.)
  • Local Public Utility Chain (Data services commons model)
  • PROsumption system design service (R+D data commons)
  • Indigenous modes of governance (Metagov)

Digital Craft Solutions
  • Hacked embroidery, 3D mold, or Laser/Vinyl cut QR codes
  • Hacked Kinect 3D scanning for provenance
  • Comparative technology innovations in Environmental Observation & Geographic Information Systems EO & GIS[open code] → Indigenous modes in astrophysics
  • K-12 Indigenous midwifery STEAM workshop design

Brief Summary 
  • The small system prototype can be made up of beginning local material archives with regionally fabricated materials. (Covid restrictions enables the beauty of in-home microfactories!.)

  • Fabrication tools can then allow for simple serial QR codes for tracking to be attached to material development documentation. 

  • Digital Fabrication  approaches often use a hacked kinect for 3D scanning; we hope we can show this is an accessible means to supply chain provenance technology for local communities. 

  • The open code for EO could be important for a necessary dialogue in indigenous space protection efforts. Local accessibility to such EO can help demonstrate the importance of these efforts through beneficial local ecosystem management here on earth.

  • The material archives can be specific to these efforts; highlighting the benefits & documenting the data.