TRUE for Construction Projects
Thank you for your interest in the pilot program and in evolving TRUE guidance to construction projects! 

What is the Pilot Program?

In Spring 2022, GBCI launched a pilot guidance for applying TRUE to construction projects based on the current TRUE rating system. Through the pilot, TRUE seeks industry feedback to inform and refine the applicability of this document and address some critical concepts for zero waste in construction that have not yet been covered. We look forward to the input and participation of our community as we seek to expand TRUE to support wider avenues to zero waste.

Why is GBCI conducting a pilot for construction projects?
While TRUE certification is designed to support the dramatic reduction of waste and resource consumption, it has focused primarily on facilities currently in operation, rather than projects in the construction phase that also wish to pursue zero waste.

To close this gap, GBCI is developing a framework to apply TRUE certification to construction projects and is seeking partner projects to collaborate on this effort. Based on initial work with construction projects that have successfully pursued certification, we believe TRUE can provide a road map for project owners, architects, general contractors, developers and subcontractors to make informed choices to reduce wasted materials, time and money.
What rating system are the pilot projects using?
The pilot is a modification of the current TRUE Rating System. Note, this is the first draft iteration which utilizes applicable credits in the current rating system and introduces new opportunities for recently completed construction projects. To assist with the review and certification process, GBCI has developed a guidance document for participating pilot projects (See ‘Pilot Resources’ below). 

For Participating Pilot Projects


Check back for ongoing updates on the pilot guidance and participation!

6/28/22 - Please use the following link to access the recording of the Introductory Webinar. A PDF with the slides can be found below:
7/6/22 - One update was made to the guidance to remedy a calculation error. The updated guidance is available in the Pilot Resources section

7/8/22 - FAQ Updated (in Questions section below) with initial commonly asked questions based on feedback and questions that arose during the introductory webinar

11/8/22 - FAQ Updated (in Questions section below) with additional credit specific question based on feedback that has arisen from project teams


  • To complete registration, the project fills out a registration form, signs a certification agreement at the time of registration, and then will receive an invoice to pay the registration fee.
  • Additional details will be emailed by GBCI such as next steps in certification and how to access your TRUE application.
  • Review the resources. With your team, review the TRUE v1 Rating System, TRUE Addenda Table, the Guide to TRUE Certification and the TRUE for Construction Projects Pilot Guidance (see ‘Pilot Resources’ below).
  • Define your TRUE project boundary and consistently use this for documentation purposes.
  • Set goals and review the Pilot Scorecard. With your team, compare the project’s current zero waste practices to the minimum program requirements and credits in the TRUE Pilot Guidance (see ‘Pilot Resources’ below). This helps inform which credits the project intends to pursue and potentially identify new actions to take to enhance zero waste and document project performance. 
  • Ask us questions/ provide feedback. Review all the minimum program requirements closely (as these are required) and contact GBCI early with any questions about eligibility. At any time during the process, send GBCI questions and feedback about credits or the overall process via the Pilot feedback form. This is a pilot program and we want to hear from you!


  • Document credit compliance by following the instructions provided in the Pilot Guidance document (see ‘Pilot Resources’ below).
  • Use Dropbox folder for the TRUE documentation. GBCI will give access to a project-specific folder on Dropbox —the file sharing platform where your application will be saved and submitted. This includes a folder labeled “Preliminary Review Documentationcontaining credit category subfolders to organize your documentation for your first application.  You can invite multiple project team members to access this folder by requesting this via
  • When your documentation is uploaded and is ready for a review:
  • Ensure documentation is complete, clear and accurate before submitting for review.
  • Ensure your application includes a completed application that informs reviewers which credits the team is submitting for a review, and contains all relevant narratives as well as diversion data for 12 months.  
  • Confirm that your registration and certification fees have been paid and the certification agreement has been signed. A review cannot begin until all payments are made and the certification agreement has been received.
  • Request a review. Email GBCI at to state that the project application is complete and is ready for a review. GBCI will then relay the anticipated return date to you upon submission.  Please DO NOT add, remove, or edit any files in Dropbox while your project is under review.


The application process and review timelines are the same as for a TRUE standard review. For the review, you’ll submit your entire application (i.e., all the minimum program requirements and credits the project is pursuing). The project will have one Preliminary review and one Final review. Each credit gets two rounds of review, unless a credit is submitted for the first time in the Final review.

For more detail, review the graphic below and read the Certification Process section in the “Guide to TRUE Certification” document here


  • GBCI reviews information submitted via the GBCI-assigned project Dropbox folder. The review takes 15 business days.