TLDC: The Productivity Playlist: Nick Floro
January 28, 2020

Productivity Tools + Techniques we use: 

- Planning with a Kanban board (we use Asana)

  • Setup a series of columns tasks and move as your work thru your production. Tag with date, resource, and add notes + status updates. 

  • Reminders
  • Hit list
  • 3rd party expansion tool to create Gantt Charts: InstaGantt

  • Other tools:
  • Pen / Paper / Notebook
  • Confluence


🤠 Collaborative Notes with Paper by Dropbox

  • notes
  • Reviews
  • Example of marking up a screen grab via iPad:


✏️ Prototyping (Adobe XD)

  • quick, easy, share, get feedback 


🙄 Reviews (we use Zoom)

  • Record meetings, now auto transcribes audio to text 
  • Annotation - great UI for quickly adding notes
  • I love using the iPad to share feedback during meetings.