🚀 TLDC: Upgrading Your Design Skills Resources, Apps + Links
October 2022  | Link to Share Resource:  https://sealworks.team/TLDCdesign
Updated 10/7/22 11:56am

🌈 Overview 

A list of apps, tools and resources (+more) to Level Up Your Design Skills | Follow Nick on Twitter

 📒 Presentation Deck

🙂 Resources to Dive Deeper:

Great articles to expand your design skills on grids, typography, UX, design principles. Would love to hear your thoughts, feedback, and any articles you want to add to the list. 

🚚 More:

🚚 Apps, Tools & Resources

📒 Apps / Note Taking

  • Microsoft OneNote All
  • Notability iOS
  • Otter.ai for transcriptions of audio (free up 300 min a month) web | app
  • Pocket All

🎨 Design / Creative