T-Lang Meeting: Current meeting

Action item

  • Niko to reach out to wg-grammar around writing up a “what is status” thing
  • Niko to comment on https://github.com/rust-lang/rust/pull/74622 to say that this feels like largely libs call but we’d like consistency with print! and panic! in terms of when something is a format string or not
  • Josh to comment on #74754 
  • scottmcm to follow up on RFC: Overconstraining and omitting `unsafe` in impls of `unsafe` trait methods #2316 


  • Active items
  • Major Change Proposals
  • Meeting Proposals

Notes from meeting (2020-08-10):

RFC 2968:
  • Introduce $self to allow reference to adjacent items
  • RFC combines that with access to private items
  • Don’t want to conflate those
  • boats to write comment about consensus
RFC 2964:
  • Josh to post a comments
Lang team active items:
  • safe transmute
  • RFC draft is available
  • People should pre-review if they’re interested
  • async foundation
  • pull back into our project group structure, for things like streams
  • current 
  • const eval
  • min_const_generics is underway
  • skill tree work ongoing?
  • active projects:
  • ffi unwind, bikeshed resolved, in implementation
  • instruction_set: Lokathor is prototyping
  • meeting proposals
  • just stream, which is this week.
  • Perhaps a linux kernel needs discussion after the plumbers conference
  • Parity folks CTO “own experiences” talk about what people hit when they’re encountering Rust for the first time at work.
P-high issues
  • Boats to retag as compiler.  No a soundness issue.