T-Lang Meeting: Current meeting
Migrating back from the hackmd

Action items

  • niko to post summary comment on turbofish RFC and postpone
  • update: thought about it, didn't act yet because pondering
  • should we have a follow-up meeting?
  • Niko to schedule a “specialization infomercial” design meeting
  • Niko to schedule with Ralf a design meeting on arc-drop
  • Centril to comment on #45600 and do PR too perhaps if he feels like it:)

Upcoming design meetings

  • Feb 3 — Specialization infomercial (presented by Niko)
  • Feb 17 — (Niko is unavailable)
  • Feb 24 — ffi-unwind working group (we’d like to start some pre-discussion)

One thing not covered here that I want to do:
  • Plan out meetings for all hands
  • I want to do this more rapidly anyway, let’s discuss async in #t-lang a bit perhaps

Shepherded item updates

inline assembly (Amanieu, Josh)
  • lots happening here, expect 1st RFC show up soon
  • RFC to create project group in FCP
  • deprecate existing ASM, move to LLVM ASM (RFC 2843) opened
  • Initial inline assembly RFC (RFC 2850) opened

safe transmute (Ryan, Josh)
  • no updates.

const evaluation (ecstatic-morse)
  • PR implementing syntax for const bounds landed

ffi-unwind (BatmanAod)
  • held a big meeting and tried to go back over everything, notes here
  • narrowed mostly down to 2 options
  • BatmanAod to post an explainer giving general background (which we all likely know)
  • Plan is to convert those unruly notes above into something more understandable and post it
  • hope to have some async conversation before
  • Only date when Amanieu, acfolzer, Niko, + Kyle were available was Feb 24, so scheduled design meeting for then

"dyn Trait" stuff (nikomatsakis)
  • In the PR, we did a crater run of a new idea for a minimal temporary fix