Synthesys Launch Details
Welcome to the Synthesys launch details document 

 Thanks for your interest in promoting!

This document will contain everything you need to set up your promotion.



  • Payment Plan is LIVE
  • 10,000 Credits For Closing !!!
  • Price Jump To $97
  • Leaderboard Update

Please read this full update as it’s important. Tomorrow this launch is already ending and we want it to be a glorious finish with your help - making sure you can generate maximum commissions.

==> Payment Plan Is LIVE <==

We received HUNDREDS of emails asking for a payment plan for our Unlimited $497 OTO 3 and now it’s Live!

USE THIS! Lots and lots of people want to jump on unlimited and it’s by far the biggest money maker in the funnel.

Tip: Create an extra bonus for OTO 3 and let everyone know that they can now get this package with a payment plan.

==> 10,000 EXTRA Credits for Closing Day <==

Email your audience and let them know that they can get 10k extra credits if they come on board tomorrow, Friday.

This is huge and a fantastic reason to email your list again and for prospects to come on board.
(Yes all your other buyers from the last couple of days will also get the extra 10k)

==> NEW Bonuses Now Available For Top Affiliates

We put together 3 new bonuses you can use to promote Synthesys and I created a Bonus Image for you as well to use on your bonus page and inside your email, I’ll drop it below.

The description for each bonus ties in with Synthesys. Each bonus is delivered in the member’s area. Another great reason to email your audience on closing day.

==> What Happens Once The Launch Closes? <==

The price will jump to $97 and all bonuses on the sales page will expire.

So the urgency is real and everyone will make a decision tomorrow one way or the other. Expect high EPC’s tomorrow especially in the last 3 hours.