Summary: Karaya-Ya Circle
Some publicly available details:

Clan Licei, which mostly lives on Octanneve V in Solitude but also manages a small parcel of ancestral land on Matar, is one of the few Krusual clans to have faced enslavement. They are directly descended from escaped or freed slaves from the Amarr Empire.

Clan Licei’s viewpoints are informed by their history with slavery, and they are often at odds with the rest of the Krusual Tribe. 

Clan Ramijozana, which still resides on its ancestral lands in Mikramurka, runs a manufacturing company called Corovid Industries. An early version of this company existed before the Day of Darkness, and the company technically continued to exist throughout the Amarr occupation. (It only operated insofar as maintaining infrastructure for the clan while it was in hiding.) 

For this reason, Clan Ramijozana has weathered accusations of collaborating with the Empire before; these accusations resurfaced recently due to Melisma Ramijozana’s closeness with certain Amarr loyalists, not least of which is her fiance, an Amarrian archbishop.

The Karaya-Ya Circle is not a secret organization, merely a secretive one. Their existence and membership are matters of public note, as is their goal of securing peace throughout the cluster, starting with the Republic. Only their methods are kept from public view.