Submissions FAQ
How are events chosen for inclusion in Portland Textile Month?

All submissions completed by July 31, 2019 will be reviewed and will be selected with the following criteria as guiding principles:

  •     Originality of the event in relationship to this year’s theme.
  •     Representation across Portland’s geographic locations and neighborhoods.
  •     A diversity of event types: workshops and classes, talks and lectures, retail events, art        openings and exhibitions, and unique events outside these categories.
  •     Events that showcase the full range of Portland’s dynamic and vibrant textile community and  support PTM’s mission to promote knowledge sharing, collaboration, cross-pollination of ideas,  and cultural dialogue.
  •     A distribution of event dates to span the duration of the entire month of October.
  •     A balance of event sizes (small to larger capacity) and a range in costs: free and paid events.

What is this year’s theme and how much does it factor in selection?
This year’s theme is Exchange. We are intentionally leaving this theme open-ended for you to interpret with your full creativity. While the theme is a guiding principle for our selection process, it is only one of our selection guides and will be considered as part of a whole submission.

What geographic areas will be covered and considered for events during Portland Textile Month?
There are no hard boundaries for having vents considered for Portland Textile Month. Portland Textile Month includes Portland and the surrounding areas including Vancouver Washington. We encourage those located outside Portland metro area to submit events for consideration.

Who are the people selecting the events?
This year’s festival is curated by volunteer advisors from the PTM planning committee.

How many events will be chosen for this year’s Portland Textile Month?

We don’t have a hard number but we want to accommodate enough space to be able to show a diversity of event types, topics, and locations while being manageable for our volunteer-run organization. If you would like to volunteer for the PTM planning committee, please get in touch (portlandtextilemonth at gmail dot com).  

What happens if my event is not selected?

In the event that your event is not selected for this year’s festival, please do not take this as a rejection. We do our best to balance for the type of event, capacity, dates, locations, this year’s theme, and supporting the PTM mission. Events that are not selected to be a part of this year’s festival, have an opportunity to be listed on the TextileXchange, our sister site.

What happens if my event is selected?

A member of the PTM events committee will get in touch and you’ll be invoiced with an admin fee. The payment of this small flat-rate fee ($20 for free events, $50 for paid events) will serve as your commitment to participate in 2019’s Portland Textile Month and will help offset collective costs for the production and promotion of the month-long festival. We are a volunteer-run organization who exist to serve the community. If the admin fee prevents you from participating, please get in touch with us: (portlandtextilemonth at gmail dot com).

What happens if I get selected but need to drop out?

We understand that unexpected things happen. However, since there is a limited number of events we can select and support, please give us as much advance notice as possible so we may be able to offer your space to another applicant. Any paid admin fees will not be refunded.

PTM Contact: portlandtextilemonth at gmail dot com