Student Projects April 23 (ZEuS link)
Registration deadline in ZeUS: April 1 - May 1, 2023
Due date projects: June 30, 2023

The deadline had passed. Next opportunity to register: July 1 - Aug 1 with projects end at Sep 30

  • When interested in one of the projects, contact us asap (, and we will invite you for a meeting to talk and discuss the project/thesis prospects.
  • These projects and the following theses can be scaled such that they are suitable for either Bachelor or Master level. 
  • We do not offer accompanying seminars. Instead, we arrange and advise a topic related to a chosen project to be presented in an existing seminar in another research group. 

There is also an opportunity for students to engage in the form of a Student Assistant job (HiWi). 

Available projects in Visual Quality Assessment

Project: Intrinsic image resolution
Project: Adaptive psychophysical methods to assess image quality
Project: Robustness of outlier detection against adversarial attacks
Project: Gamification for perceptual quality assessment
Project: Perceptual Quality Assessment of 3D Point Clouds using JND methodology
Project: Multidimensional color perception and image quality assessment

Available projects in Sports Informatics

None currently.

Ongoing and past projects/theses

Ongoing projects/theses 
  • Removing biases from subjective quality scores 
  • Ensemble methods of personalized IQA/VQA
  • Modeling heart rate response to variable power demand
  • Detection of e-bike rides in sports activity records
More examples of past student project/thesis topics
  • Multimedia
  • Eye-Tracking just noticeable differences
  • Foveated Video Coding for Real Time Streaming Applications
  • Local no-reference image quality assessment using convolutional neural networks
  • Subjective video quality assessment in the crowd
  • Comparison of texture detection and segmentation methods
  • Sports Informatics
  • Estimation of power and energy expenditure from sensor data in road biking
  • Optimale Kontrolle von Geschwindigkeitssteuerung im Radsport in verschiedenen Frameworks
  • Cycling power and crank angular acceleration from video and motion capture
  • Acquisition, Processing, and Analysis of Pedal Motion Data in Bicycling
  • A simple algorithm for ventilatory threshold estimation
  • Algorithms
  • Numerical Continuation of Periodic Orbits in Nonlinear Delay Differential Equations