Streamline 3.0 new features
We’ve just started to work on Streamline Icons 3.0, with the ambition to make it the world’s best icon pack, and the only one that you would need for your daily work 😎

Thanks to your help and feedback on the users survey, it helped us to prioritize the features that you really need.

Streamline 3.0 release is planned for December 2017  January 2018 February 2018  May 2018😏

New “Mini” icon version - 16px grid

💯 The most wanted feature, from our users survey

The current Streamline icons proportions are based on the iOS guidelines (24px grid). 
The planned 16px version would be great to use with small menus, buttons and generally web apps interface. This height fit well with common typeface height (from 12px to 16px) The style is more rounded, get more generous whitespace and less details.

This “mini” version will be line style only. No filled style is planned.

💬  From the survey comments:

I think the smaller scale is huge. Streamline for web is fantastic, but it's a struggle to utilize the set on desktop and mobile apps when you need smaller sizes. This will help tremendously.”

I really, really like the proposal to redesign the icons for a smaller grid. I use the icons a lot in interfaces, and right now some of the icons are too detailed to shrink down to put on a button. If anything, I would most like the icons to be simplified.”

Redesigning the iOS 7 style icons 

You’ve strongly supported our project to redesign around 50% of the 5,000 icons included in Streamline 2.5. We'll use a more rounded, simpler, pure and geometric style, showing a more generous whitespace. The whole collection will looks more consistent, friendly and legible.

IMHO,  even if the new iOS 11 ”filled” style will become very popular this fall, there is still plenty of room for the thin “line” style. Especially when you don’t want to visually overwhelm users with bold icons, and aim at an airy design style.

💬  From the survey comments:
Whatever you do, keep the even stroked outline versions, PLEASE!!!!”

It’s a lot of work to redesign all these icons 😰
So, Streamline 3.0 will probably abandon the iOS 7 “filled” style, as the new iO 11 version that we plan should be a better choice.

Creating a iOS 11 version

I was expecting this to be the most requested feature, surprisingly users voted more for other features (like the “mini” 16px version).

There is still a great amount of requests, and as Apple still lead the design scene, this style will become very popular this fall. The new iOS 11 style switch back to the filled style as the main icon style. Strokes will be a lot thicker.

We’ll start to work on it as soon as the official guidelines will be updated for the iOS 11 style. So far, we have to guess from multiple screenshots.

1,000 more unique icons!