Stamper: An Artboard Oriented Programming Environment

Stamper is an alternative editor for p5.js, inspired by design software with Artboards (e.g. Sketch, Illustrator)

🎨 Get Started

There are two ways to try out Stamper:

🌐 On The Web at

To use Stamper you need a mouse🖱 or trackpad and keyboard ⌨️
Currently Stamper does not work well with touch input, or on mobile or tablet devices.

💻 On Your Mac

  1. Download the below Stamper-1.0.0.dmg and open it
  1. Drag to the Applications Folder
  1. To Open Stamper, follow the instructions

🧰 Examples

Examples can be found inside Stamper itself:
Click any of the below links to open a project in

HOW TO Projects

(Click to Open)

Community Projects

(Click to Open)
Something by You!

💡Provide Feedback

💬 Tell us your thoughts about Stamper

Feel free to leave comments anywhere on this Dropbox Paper page or in the below ‘main tracks.’

Feature Requests
Bug Reports
Comments coming from a p5.js perspective