Sprint topics Wagtail Space NL

Wednesday 15th + Thursday 16th we we work on Wagtail. What exactly is determined by the attendees.  During the sprint kickoff, we finalise topics and form teams.

  • Add your favourite Wagtail topic to this document. 
  • Add your name to topics if you are interested to work on it.

All other Wagtail Space NL info at https://wagtail.space/2022

Getting started training

Don't have a Wagtail development environment yet? We help you get started. The training consists of setting up a Wagtail development environment, resolving an issue, and creating a pull request.

Nice issues for new-ish devs:

  • Trainers
  • Casper Timmers
  • Esper Kuijs
  • Participants
  • Timothy Kleijn (not entirely new, but it’s been a while)
  • Gabriel Pannwitz ( have not contributed directly to Wagtail yet )
  • Yves Serrano ( have not contributed directly to Wagtail yet )

Wagtail Image Processors

Have image processors in Wagtail to apply transformations, filters and effects.

  • Discover what image processing is possible in Wagtail
  • See how to extend Wagtails image processing functionality
  • Document, present, and share the knowledge.

  1. Accept a image
  1. Apply some filter or transformation
  1. Return a image

Filters can be stacked, so multiple transformations can be applied.

Maybe look into how we can combine Wagtail Image and Renditions with Django Easy Thumbnails and take the best from both? 

Wagtail already has an (undocumented) API that allows new Image Operations to be defined, custom image operations can be hooked in with register_image_operations. Perhaps we should document that?

  • An processor to upscale a image