Splitflap Ordering (the “easy” route)

This is the “easy” way to order the parts for your splitflap display (United States only). It optimizes for simplicity in ordering, not the lowest possible cost.

If you’d like to review other options, which could be somewhat cheaper, check out the full ordering doc, but if that’s a little overwhelming, you’re in the right place here!

If you have questions, ask in the community Discord server!

Laser-cut mechanical parts

Supplier: Ponoko is recommended, though pricey.

Material: MDF is more forgiving than Acrylic during assembly (Acrylic can be brittle and crack when fitting pieces together), though admittedly doesn't look as nice. For less potential frustration, I generally recommend MDF.

  • Full ordering instructions, and alternative files for acrylic are here.


Supplier: Bezek Labs (yes, I’m biased in recommending my own store, but it really is the easiest purchasing option since these are custom boards and I also include all necessary accessories)

  • Ribbon cable length: 45cm
  • Add motors? Yes, add 6x 28BYJ-48
  • Include cables? YES
  • Include ESP32 T-Display Module: YES


Supplier: Bezek Labs (again, I’m biased, but there aren’t any commercial alternatives and making them yourself requires a lot of time and patience)

Two good options (this tradeoff is totally up to you):
  • Pre-printed flaps save a TON of time and look great, but are more expensive. 6-packs and 24-packs are available at a small discount. Only available with white text on a black card.
  • blank flaps (sold in packs of 160 flaps for 4 modules, or 240 flaps for 6 modules)


Supplier: McMaster-Carr (reliable, but somewhat pricey especially with shipping) or find these common items elsewhere

  • M4 x 10mm button-head. 11 bolts needed per module (so you’ll need at least 66x for 6 modules). Must be button-head style (e.g. taller socket-cap bolts will likely cause clearance issues)
  • M4 hex nuts. 11 nuts needed per module (so you’ll need at least 66x for 6 modules)

Power supply and wiring

Supplier: many options

For 1-12 modules: