Splitflap Kit v0.5 Assembly Instructions


Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions on how to improve these instructions - either leave a comment inline below (need to be logged into Dropbox to do so, I believe) or else email me directly at scottbez1 at gmail.com.

Building a split-flap display? I would love to hear from you and see photos/videos of your project in progress or completed! This project has been a hobby of mine for a few years and the coolest part by far is hearing from other people making their own and seeing them in action. Feel free to shoot me an email at scottbez1 at gmail.com 🙂 

1. Gather the parts

See +Ordering Splitflap v0.5 for info on ordering parts, or if you purchased a kit make sure you have everything below.

In the box:
  • 1 Electronics bag
  • 1 Controller PCB
  • 4 Sensor PCBs
  • 4 Magnets (may be stuck to other components)
  • components for controller and sensor boards
  • 4 laser-cut panels
  • 2 letter sticker packs
  • 4 motors
  • 4 sensor cables
  • ~165 flaps (160 are necessary)
  • ~46 M4 bolts (44 are necessary)
  • ~46 M4 nuts (44 are necessary)

Not in the box:
  • Arduino Uno
  • 12V 2A Power Supply
  • Tools:
  • Metric hex key
  • Soldering supplies
  • Calipers or metric ruler
  • Hobby knife
  • Plastic wrap and glass storage container (For applying letter stickers)
  • [if hand-cutting flaps] Badge slot punch 

2. Driver PCB Assembly

[Video coming soon!]

Components with polarity have been labeled with a ⚠️  symbol below - make sure you get the orientation correct!

Recommended assembly order:
  • 4 WS2812b RGB LEDs - U5, U6, U7, U8 - center near A B C D labels
  • ⚠️ Make sure to get polarity correct - LED notch aligns with right-angle silkscreen line - top left corner
  • Arduino pin headers (BOTTOM SIDE):
  • 3 pin straight male header - “Arduino D4 D5 D6” label on bottom
  • 2x3 Female header - ISP label on bottom
  • 2 pin straight male header - VIN label on bottom
  • 470 resistor (Yellow Purple Brown) - R9 (center top side, between the two MIC5842 spots)
  • Top left corner:
  •  2 pin straight male header - JP1
  • Yellow LED - D1 (Mot+) - ⚠️ make sure to get polarity correct - match flat side to silkscreen