Spec Network Post Prod Workflow 
This document is meant to serve as a guide to our post production toolset and how we go from raw audio files to published episode. 


We use Logic ProX for all our recording and post production processing for its flexibility and plugin management. 

Post Prod Tool Suite

This is the suite of tools we pull from when solving audio repair problems to final polishing touches before creating the final mp3 that we upload to iTunes.

🎧 Audio Correction

🔮 TIP: If RX8 is out of your budget, you can also get RX elements and  fix steps 5-6 in Auphonic.  

  • ⓵ First, we clean up any unwanted plosives and clicks using the de-plosive and de-click functions. 

  • ② Next, we hop into de-noise to clean up any dialogue that goes too high or low in the audio file. 

  • ③ After that we de-noise again any background noise that might be causing some problems by using the spectral meter

  • Zoom into an area with ambient noise and grab a few seconds of dead air. Hit learn on the spectral de-noise function and reduct the noise until we are satisfied with the blend of ambient noise - vocals. 

  • ④ From there we hop into Channel Ops Phase turn on the adaptive phase rotation to 0/0

  • ⑤  Next we hit our Leveler we want our target range to be -16 with responsiveness at about 1.5, dynamics at about 50% with Ess reduction and breath control hitting around 5 & -5. 

  • ⑥ Head over to Loudness and use loudness standard ATSC A/85 (that’s the recommended standard for spoken language and broadcast). We aim to hit a true peak of -1db and -16LKFS. 

  • ⑦ Last step is to Normalize the entire audio file to -1db. 

💾 Save that file and head back into Logic for editing and tonal balance. 

Begin editing your file but throw a Tonal Balance plugin on the final master audio track. For each audio track, also be sure to add an Ozone 9 plugin.  

🔮 TIP: You can get both Tonal Balance and Ozone 9 in one bundle here: Ozone 9 Advanced

From there you can connect each Ozone plugin to the final tonal balance plugin and fine tune your audio to get the best balance for your audio. 

Here’s a quick video explaining how that all works in production: iZotope Tonal Balance

💾 Bounce your audio file! 

Once you’ve edited your show and have your tonal balance where you want, you can bounce the audio file into a .wav or .aif file. Be sure to bounce this in mono. 

🏗 Audio Compression