🎙Spec.FM Gear Guide
Hey there, 

Figuring out what gear to prioritize when starting a podcast is hard. 

That’s why we started documenting the gear we’ve bought over the years, and now we’re ready to share a quick starter kit that we rely on for all our shows.

Remember: The gear doesn’t mean anything if the content isn’t there, so start with the content and invest after. 


The Right Microphone

Finding the right mic from your budget and podcasting needs is by far the greatest impact in your audio recording. 
🎙 Microphones
💎 Best Use
💸 Estimated Price (USD)
Starter - Budget friendly option great for plug and play microphone
Travel - Great for travel / live options or as a studio mic  
Level up plug and play microphone 
Studio Mic - Great for dedicated and consistent recording locations
Excellent - these cables are highly reliable and come in a variety of sizes to fit your needs
Additional Recommendations
For any mic you choose we recommend also considering pop-filters and swing-arms to avoid any unnecessary nudges, wobbles or other noise. We started by placing socks on our microphones….but there are better options out there. 

If you’re in an open area, or empty room, we also recommend setting up a sound proofing system by investing in sound dampeners.

Alternatively, consider hanging up blankets or theater curtains near your recording station, hiding under a sweatshirt (we actually did that once) or recording in a closet where clothes can catch some of the audio and reduce the amount of echo. 

Signal Adapters

Getting the right amount of gain means you need more than just a microphone. You need a tool to get your audio signal loud enough for post production. 
🎛 Signal Adapters
💎 Best Use
💸 Estimated Price
Shure X2U
Recording solo or remotely, traveling or limited space. We use this at Spec for all our shows - includes a headphone amp
Recording multiple people in the same space
$200 - $1,000
Great for those investing in Shure SM7B or MV7

Audio Repair / Mastering Tools

After you’re done recording you might run into quiet audio, or audio that needs to be repaired after the fact. 
🖥 Post Prod. 
💎 Best Use
💸 Estimated Price
Great for professional podcasters with audio mastering experience 
$149 - $1,499
Great for a click and fix solution…bonus points for audio compression so your files aren’t massive! 
Free for up to 2hrs per week

Editing Software

After production you’ll want to get set up with a post-production workflow that fits your budget and time commitment to the show. 

There’s a great article on the different editing tools out there so we’re going to refer to this list: https://beebom.com/best-audio-editing-software/