Prayer Requests
South Side Bible Church / Updated November 26, 2020

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Most Recent Requests and Updates

  • Tom & Kayla Hill (Terry & Renee’s son) — Kayla, due 1/1 miscarried 11/20. Pray for them & their families as they deal with this heartbreaking loss. Also continue to pray for healing for Tom from his 2nd & 3rd degree burns following a bonfire accident.
  • Covid—number of our church/family members diagnosed with Covid. Pray for healing and strength.
  • Al McKeever — had skin graft surgery on his leg 11/10 because of a serious burn. Pray for a skin donor, good healing & no further rejection.  In the hospital for 3-4 weeks more. Remember Renate as well at this time.
  • Janice Dahl’s mom — at The Oaks while she heals from hip surgery & break in her leg. Hoping her dad can get into Reflections 11/27. Pray door opens for him and that he accepts whatever plans are made & recognizes the love that is being shown to him. Also for their salvation. Janice returns to Netherlands 11/30.
  • Mel Ferguson — appointment at Cleveland Clinic 11/10 for a 2nd opinion. Will probably need a myomectomy plus valve replacement as he has a couple small valve leaks that Dr has not been concerned about, but since they would already be in there to take care of the thickened heart muscle, he said they might as fix them at the same time.
  • Deanna Pastor — Follicular Lymphoma. Now in remission! Praising God! Next checkup is in February.  Pray she continues to do well.
  • Ron Densborn (Bill & Deanna Pastor’s neighbor) — has Covid complicated by diabetes.  In the hospital and not doing well.
  • Fred Alwardt (Josh de Jong’s father-in-law) — having radiation (UofM) 5 days/6wks for throat cancer. Pray for strength & healing.
  • Marge Breitbach — battling cancer & sometimes struggles after her infusions because she doesn’t tolerate them well. Pray for good progress.
  • Frankie Chapa — complete healing for Frankie.


Requests from the Last Month

  • Sandy Harper — Had severe bronchitis.  Pray for strength & complete healing.
  • Lenz Family — return to PNG now extended to June.  Pray as they try to determine God’s plan for their family as they wait to return. The kids are attending the local Christian School.
  • Naz Yousef — surgery 10/2 for a detached retina went well. Pray for a successful recovery.
  • Jean (Roy Hawes’ mom) — diagnosed with oral cancer that has metastasized to her lymph nodes.  She’ll have a scan to see if it’s in her lungs.  She’s not a candidate for surgery. Pray for a good outcome, for comfort & salvation.
  • Jayne Brady (former SSBC member) — in hospice (TX) due to kidney failure.  In her final days.

Older Requests

  • Bob (Renee Hawes’ uncle) — passed away 9/24 (GA). Pray for his wife Mary & their family. He was a believer. His step-daughter Cheryl & her husband David now have Covid & strep. May they experience God's peace and presence.
  • Rodney Lawson (Renee Hawes’ Dad) — now home & doing better. Labs were normal.  Diet & medication to stop the bleeding.  He’s doing PT at home to regain his strength.
  • Zac Hall (Jim & Brenda’s son) — having some health issues.  Going to a cardiologist for tests.
  • Jan Kauffman — eye surgery 8/19 went well. Pray her vision is restored and for healing.
  • Jill (Dan and Peggy’s daughter-in-law) — a virus attacked her inner ear causing dizziness but she is improving.  Going 2x/wk to balance clinic for treatments.  Pray for complete healing as she needs help walking, etc. Now can drive.
  • Stephen Yousef (Naz & Ruth’s son) — Pray his platelet counts stay at a normal level.  Pray for protection from viruses/colds.
  • Jared & Heather Vaden — moved to MO 8/20 to continue their missionary training. Increased support needed.  Heather miscarried recently.  Pray for comfort.
  • SSBC Missionaries — a number of our missionaries are in need of additional financial support at this time.  Pray that their needs are met.
  • Kellogg’s — for those who have been affected by the cuts/changes at Kellogg’s.
  • Christy Hughes (Gwen Holladay’s Kidney Recipient) — cancer but growing in the Lord. For God’s healing & for her husband Bruce.
  • Eric Goldsmith (son of Dan & Sharon) — APL Leukemia. Rehab & chemo. For healing.
  • Robin McNally — AL Leukemia. Treatment continues.  Pray for special protection at this time.


Our Service Men and Women

Our Service Men & Women — Laura Beach, Frankie Chapa, Brandon/Tena de Jong, Heidi Fouty, Matt/Leanna Gordon (WA), Jim Hall, Andy Layton, Megan/Kevin Sweitzer (OH), Josh Waterstradt (KW), Zeke Wieland, Dillon Wilkins (HI).