Prayer Requests
South Side Bible Church / Updated April 10, 2021

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Most Recent Requests and Updates

  • Pastor Mike — tested positive for covid. Pray for healing and renewed strength.
  • Michelle Hiscock — had surgery 3/18 & is struggling with pain. Pray for healing.
  • Tori Williams (McKeever’s granddaughter) — has severe scoliosis & having extensive spinal surgery. Requires 3 mo. recuperation—long haul for 14 yr old! Pray all goes well for Tori.
  • Rich Doran — Praise! Surgery scheduled for 4/23.
  • Carole Alcorn — having chemo for advanced, fast growing lung cancer & not tolerating it well. Pray for good outcome & peace.
  • McNallys — praising God that Robin’s treatment for Leukemia is done after 3 1/2 years! 
  • Arlene Bolton — had cardio-version 3/3. Pray her heart stays in normal rhythm.
  • Loretta & Addeline Hoffman — were in a serious car accident 2/21.  Addeline is fine. Loretta had surgery and was in critical condition but slowly improving @ Bronson (KZoo). Doing PT now.
  • Al McKeever — @ Evergreen Nursing Home, improving but will need 24/7 care.  Pray for relief from pain.  Seeing if he’s eligible to be at VA facility in Fort Custer.


Requests from the Last Month

  • Renee Hawes — eye surgery 2/17 to correct the glaucoma pressure went well.  Pray for good vision, healing and no further complications.
  • David Dryer — surgery 2/25 for a cancerous spot on his chest. Pray for healing.
  • Mel Ferguson — myomectomy surgery 1/27.  Now home with 6-8 week recovery. Pray for healing. Had partially collapsed lung, but being treated. His bladder cancer has returned and needs to do CT scan & cystoscopy but allergic to prednisone.  Remember Deanna his wife at this time.  Deanna’s brother passed away 2/15. 
  • SSBC Missionaries — a number of our missionaries are in need of additional financial support at this time.  Pray that their needs are met.
  • Jim Hall’s Dad Bill — moved to a rehab center.
  • Frankie Chapa — MRI showed everything stable! Won’t need another one for 5 years! Praise!!

Older Requests

  • Renate McKeever — passed away 2/13.  Be in prayer for Al & Renate’s family at this time.
  • Mark Tijerina — had atrial fibrillation but now back in normal rhythm.  Cardiologist appointment in July.
  • Lenz Family — return to PNG now extended to June. The kids are attending the local Christian School. Moving into a parsonage until June. Robyn teaching full-time.
  • Marge Breitbach — battling cancer & sometimes struggles after her infusions because she doesn’t tolerate them well. Pray for good progress.
  • Jurian & Jaden — young friends of Holladay family were in snowmobile accident 1/27.  Jurian has had 2 surgeries as he broke his femur & had a double fibula fracture, one being a compound fracture near his ankle, now doing PT. Jaden was unconscious with a head injury & broke his pelvis & has had surgery but CT scan shows no new spots on the brain & no further surgery. Pray for full recovery for both boys. The family are believers.
  • Fred Alwardt (Josh de Jong’s father-in-law) — having radiation (UofM) 5 days/6wks for throat cancer & tolerating it well. Pray for strength & healing. Checkup with radiation doctor & surgeon in Feb.
  • Jan Kauffman — detached retina surgery 1/18 went well & the eye is healing as it should.  Lens replacement surgery in 2 months.
  • Len Neeb (Nicole Rowles’ dad) — passed away 1/31.  Pray for comfort & peace for Denise, Nicole & their families.
  • Janice Dahl — her dad passed away 11/29 and her mom 12/3. Pray for the family as they grieve the loss of both parents!
  • Tom & Kayla Hill (Terry & Renee’s son) — pray for healing for Tom from his 2nd & 3rd degree burns following a bonfire accident.
  • Jean (Roy Hawes’ mom) — diagnosed with oral cancer that has metastasized to her lymph nodes.  She’s not a candidate for surgery. Pray for a good outcome, for comfort & salvation.
  • Deanna Pastor — Follicular Lymphoma. Now in remission! Praising God! Next checkup was February.  Pray she continues to do well.
  • Zac Hall (Jim & Brenda’s son) — having some health issues.  Going to a cardiologist.
  • Jill (Dan and Peggy’s daughter-in-law) — virus attacked her inner ear causing dizziness but improving as she is going 2x/wk to balance clinic for treatments.  Pray for complete healing as she needs help walking, etc. Now can drive.
  • Stephen Yousef (Naz & Ruth’s son) — Pray for protection from viruses/colds.
  • Jared & Heather Vaden — moved to MO 8/20 to continue their missionary training. Increased support needed. Heather expecting in August.
  • Kellogg’s — for those who have been affected by the cuts/changes at Kellogg’s.
  • Christy Hughes (Gwen Holladay’s Kidney Recipient) — cancer but growing in the Lord. For God’s healing & for her husband Bruce.
  • Eric Goldsmith (son of Dan & Sharon) — APL Leukemia. Rehab & chemo. For healing.