Prayer Requests
South Side Bible Church / Updated March 29, 2020

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Most Recent Requests and Updates

  • Sue Read — passed away 3/23.  Sue was a believer.  Be in prayer for Mike at this difficult time.
  • Jean Thurtle (friend of the Harpers) — passed away 3/25 after a lengthy stay in the hospital. Pray for her husband Joe and their family.
  • John Townsend (Mark’s dad) — had an abscess on his stomach that was bleeding. He is 85. He was treated at ER & sent home. Pray for healing.
  • SSBC Missionaries — a number of our missionaries are in need of additional financial support at this time.  Pray that their needs are met.
  • Jennifer Hargus — now home after short stay in hospital due to flu A, asthma & pneumonia. No visitors! 
  • Joan French (Cathy de Jong’s mom) — passed away 3/16. Despite the hospital visitors’ restrictions, Cathy & her brothers & their spouses were able to be with her at the end. Be in prayer for the family at this time.
  • Jane Rowles — for quick healing from recent surgery
  • Deanna Pastor — has Follicular Lymphoma. Began chemo 2/25 and a spinal fluid treatment 2/28. Repeated every 21 days. MRI & Pet Scan after 3 treatments to see if they’re effective. Pray for strength, peace & positivity.
  • Sandy Harper — now home but still recovering from influenza A. Pray for a complete recovery.
  • Brad Johnston — Pray for complete recovery & continued strength.  Beginning treatment to help his immune system.  Peace for Cindy.


Requests from the Last Month

  • Doris Tice — moved to a Nursing Home in IN where she’ll receive 24 hr care.  She is happy in her new home! Pray for continued strength & comfort.
  • Mel Ferguson — number of health issues lately. In Dec., two stents following heart catheterization. MRI showed a recent stroke & in Jan. found he’s having frequent seizures. Now on medication for them & weekly treat-ments to prevent recurrence of his bladder cancer.

Older Requests

  • Frankie Chapa — Doing outpatient therapy 2-3 days/wk.  Fluid on his brain has built up again, being monitored by the doctors.  Pray progress continues, for determination & for complete healing.  For health & encouragement for Kori as she’s being treated for a hernia & osteoma (possibly malignant) & their support team.
  • Bev Liebrandt — now at The Reflections Assisted Living (14316 Helmer Rd, Rm 126). Would love visitors.
  • Renee Hawes — had eye surgery 11/6.  Pray for good healing & sight.  Seeing Glaucoma specialist (UGH syndrome: eyes don’t drain excess fluid that causes edema & glaucoma).  Doctors optimistic her full vision will return.
  • Lenz’s — On home assignment visiting supporting churches and going through many transitions.  Kids all doing well adjusting to a new school. Daniel diagnosed with convergence insufficiency (affects motor and visual processing). Pray insurance covers weekly therapy.
  • Pastor Mike — had surgery 10/15.  Pray for a complete healing.
  • Jared & Heather Vaden — opportunities to share their ministry & increased support.
  • Beth French (Cathy de Jong’s sister-in-law) — done radiation treatments!  Pray for healing.
  • Joy Allen (Doris Tice’s daughter) — has Crohn’s Disease.
  • Kristi Miller—depleted immune system & other health problems & symptoms that need to be addressed. Pray for strength & energy.
  • Kellogg’s — for those who have been affected by the cuts/changes at Kellogg’s.
  • Kauffman’s — Hillis’s nephew & niece-in-law (Brent & Faith) are at Grand Vista in Marshall. 
  • Christy Hughes (Gwen Holladay’s Kidney Recipient) — cancer but growing in the Lord. For God’s healing & for her husband Bruce.
  • Nancy Chally (Cindy B’s Sister-in-law) — multiple blood clots in her legs & lungs. Serious condition but treatable.
  • Rick Dosh — Pray for complete healing as he’s still in pain despite having back & hip surgeries  last year.
  • Eric Goldsmith (son of Dan & Sharon) — APL Leukemia. Rehab & chemo. For healing.
  • Robin McNally — AL Leukemia. Treatment continues.  Was in hospital for only a few hours before Christmas with a temperature.  Precautionary.  Thanks for praying.
  • Jayne Brady — renal failure & blockage in heart.


Our Service Men and Women

Our Service Men & Women — Laura Beach, Frankie Chapa, Brandon/Tena de Jong, Heidi Fouty, Matt/Leanna Gordon (WA), Jim Hall, Andy Layton, Megan/Kevin Sweitzer (OH), Josh Waterstradt (KW), Zeke Wieland, Dillon Wilkins (HI).