Soundcamp -  Programme
5 to 6 May 2018

The SHED, Stave Hill Ecological Park, Timber Pond Road, Rotherhithe, London SE16 6AX


5AM  Broadcast
05.00 Reveil 24hr broadcast starts 

12PM  Opening talks | walks
12:00-12:30 SHEP tour with Rebeka Clark
12:30-13:00 Introduction to Reveil broadcast with Soundcamp

1PM-3PM Lunch
Delicious food with wild ingredients by Leon Lewis

12PM-5PM  Workshops
12:00 - 16:00 Pit firing workshop with Shane Waltener
13:00, 15:00, 17:00 Ecological games with Animal Diplomacy Bureau
13:00 Foraging with the Peckham Pickler
14:00 Field photography -  DIY pinholes and cyanotypes with Ky Lewis

12PM on  Installations available through the weekend
Signe Lidén - installation of canal music from her home in Slotersvaart, Amsterdam
Rotherhithe SHED - Listening furniture in the straw bale building
Alexandra Spence and Brigitte Hart - buriedsound | tinytapeloops 

2PM on  Coffee and Tea
Cakes and doughnuts from The Dancing Baker
Lazy Coffee Van throughout the weekend

1PM-5PM  Projects
13:00-17:00  Tom Fox and students from Univ of Brighton - improvisations / installations in the Park
14:30 Introduction to Warblr app with Dan Stowell
15:00 Hannah Kemp-Welch mixing workshop with Global Generation et al
16:00 Max Baraitser Smith - juggling sounds

5PM on  Bar
Beer brewed at Loughborough Junction by Clarkshaws

5.30PM Early evening talk
Birds and birdsong - presentation by David Darrell-Lambert  

6PM-7PM  Dinner
Leon Lewis