Interactive Features & Digital Projects Framework

Project Overview and Goals


[What is this project about? Write a short paragraph for a description.] 


[What are the goals of the project? What should the project accomplish when it is completed and published?] 

Project Constraints

[List out constraints. Examples: Short timeline, limited resources, etc… This will help you define and specify the scope of the project.] 

Members and Roles

[List every person in this team and what their responsibilities are. At minimum there must be a project lead (responsible for overseeing all aspects of the project and holding members accountable), design lead (leads the creative vision for the project), dev lead (responsible for all implementation), and business lead for potential targeted ads ]

Designated Group Meeting Time

[At minimum, group meetings with everyone present should happen once at a week. Figure out a time and day that works for everyone. This does not include potential 1:1s or subteam meetings that are necessary for the project]

Required & Prioritized Features

[Firstly, map out basic content requirements of this project. What is the bare minimum that the project must have? If there are any stretch features, it would be good to specify them here, then prioritize]

General Timeline

[Set a general timeline for main deadlines and milestones for the project. Assign to members of the team. Project management tools such as Trello may be used. Example provided below:
Milestone 1: Finish navigation bar
  • Due Nov 4, 2017
  • Assigned to: First Lastname]


[To be completed when the project is finished. What went well? What didn’t go well? Why?]