Slipstream September 2020

Chairman’s Message

By Jill Drexhage

Our heat wave has hit us and so has fire season.  My goal has been to fly at least once a week, but one thing or another comes up and is not letting me.  I'm hoping you are all able to get some flying in.

Our September meeting is going to be via Zoom again.  Last meeting we seemed to be having lots of technical difficulty with freezing, which made it interesting and somewhat comical.  We shall see how it goes for September, and thank you all for rolling with it last month.  We will start our meeting at 6:00, and I look forward to catching up with all of you.    

I wish I had more to write about, but I don't have anything interesting to report. Everything has been cancelled and I hardly leave the house these days.  
This upcoming Monthly Meeting on Wednesday 9/2: Watch the Yahoo Group Mailing List or Facebook Group for a Zoom link for the September meeting. The meeting will start 6 pm. 

Scholarships: Last-Minute Call for Submissions

Last call for applications for the $3000 aviation training scholarship. Due date is next Tuesday, September 1. See our website for the application form and full information. 

Minutes of the General Meeting (8/5/2020)

By Anele Brooks

Meeting via Zoom
Attending:  Dana Davis, Janice Odell, Jill Drexhage, Susan Steeb, Susan Mercer, Olivia Lewis, Grace Crittenden, Elizabeth Dinan, Theresa Theiler, Lynne Edlund, Liz Ruth, Erin Ayers, Sneha Lakshmin, Anele Brooks.

Jill Drexhage, Chapter Chair, called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. She said she enjoyed last month's ½ in person ½ by Zoom meeting, but with the uptick in Covid-19 cases preferred not to reach out in person this month. She asked if any members had news to share:

Olivia Lewis received her PPL two weeks ago. She passed her Air Force physical in Ohio and is currently “flying around and having fun”.

Dana: Soloed in San Luis Obispo, flew to San Jose with her brother in a Maule, he let her taxi the plane there and again when they landed in Paso Robles.

Grace: Had a wonderful month, flew up to see her niece at Davis who is working on her PhD on Lima Beans. She took the new Bay Flyway from Petaluma to Palo Alto over the Bay between San Francisco on the right and Oakland to the left. She had beautiful flying weather the entire trip.

New Web Page

Next on the agenda Susan Steeb and Sneha showed us the framework of our new web page. Liz, Jill and Dana have worked on the Scholarship page. Sneha was acknowledged as having done most of the work. The committee's goal is to keep the website “simple and static” with the objective of using it to archive chapter photos. A request was made for assistance with content. Susan shared her screen with us. The pages are:  About Us, Interested in Flying, Calendar, Scholarships, Join the 99s and Contact Us. They are going to try to put radio buttons down the side of the page. 
The Spotlight Section of the header page will direct a visitor to a photo gallery. The website is currently “word dense” the objective is to use more photos and less verbiage.
Liz has been working on compiling a list of scholarship resources. Her plan is to set up a click through electronic application for scholarship applicants. Most of the content is ready. She is searching for information regarding past recipients and a way to link to other organizations offering scholarships.
Join the 99s details the process involved in joining the International 99s. Members must join through the international site prior to joining a local chapter. It will also list the four “core” officers: Chapter Chair/Co-Chair/Secretary, Treasurer and the Committee Chairs for Membership, Fly Outs and Scholarships.
Susan and Sneha are working together on the Interested in Flying page and they will check with Kathy Dannecker to see if she will assist with the About Us header. Janice is working on the Join the 99s page because it needs to be set up using her “logical brain”.
Dana Davis offered to help with editing text and brevity. Theresa is also willing to work on text over the next week.
The skeleton website received positive reviews from the membership. If a member has historical photos please e-mail them to Susan Steeb. She would like to have enough photos to be able to rotate them in and out of the website.
The last piece of the puzzle is how to get the website “live”. Susan Steeb thanked Sneha for all her hard work from beginning of how to create it, populating it and maintaining it going forward.

Some 99 Chapters were scammed by requests for money. Jill let us know that she will never ask any of us to send money to anyone. Janice reiterated that she will never spend money based on any one person's request.

Lynn spoke to someone at Aerocademy who said they would be willing to let us meet at their location when we are able to meet in person again. They have offered a few things regarding training and will help us with content. They have a large classroom, a simulator and would consider opening up an airplane and having a mechanic explain an aircraft engine.

Elizabeth Dinan asked if any of our members, besides Jolie, had sent a letter to Orange County in ACI's behalf. Elizabeth sent an email and Theresa sent a letter. ACI's FBO at Orange County Airport is up for renewal. Ultimately they would like to have FBOs at 10 – 12 locations throughout the country. We reached out to the Orange County 99s and asked to for their support of ACI at Orange County Airport.