Slipstream September 2017

Chairman’s Message 

By Anele Brooks

Congratulations to Elizabeth Dinan who became a Grandma on August 8, a little earlier than expected, but that just makes it more memorable!
We had a good turn out for Movie Night on August 5 [with 1991’s “The Rocketeer” which was partially shot in Santa Maria SMX, see photo above]. According to Jolie Lucas we brought in $158. The weather was good (the mosquitoes thought so too) and it appeared that everyone had a good time. Tiphani Laura was lucky enough to get a ride in a Cub. She just went up and asked the pilot if he would take her up and he did! Now she has flown right seat in a Cub and a Ford Tri-Motor. Oceano is an “old fashioned” airport, very relaxed and there were plenty of planes to look at.
Wednesday, August 9 author James Ure came up and talked about his book Seized by the Sun”. It sounds like a very interesting book and I bought several. Fortunately, our local SLO EAA group turned out and filled the seats. We had two members from the Santa Maria Chapter and 4 of our members attend, but Vince rounded up his group and we had an impressive turn-out! Sunwest Aviation was a great venue, had plenty of room and were very nice (although it took me a while to find them! [see here on Google Maps]).
Finally, I had an “I learned about flying from that episode” last week. There is an old saying that “there are old pilots and bold pilots but there are no old bold pilots”. We had planned a trip to Van Nuys to drop a off a friend who had purchased a new car in the Los Angeles area. The weather on Tuesday was overcast, but I was looking forward to a flight into the LA Class B airspace with Tom Stanley, who put himself through Cal Poly flying ag, flew for the airlines and later in life became a corporate pilot. Larry Kruchten, who flew for Continental for years was waiting for the weather to clear so he could depart to Phoenix. They both put their heads together to discussed the lingering clouds and the weather en route. Tom finally announced that he and Bert would drive to LA – Larry finally departed at 1:30. Both of them are instrument rated and between them they have 10's of thousands of hours, it was interesting to listen to them and see what they decided to do – obviously old pilots because they are not bold pilots – I didn't think either of them would have a problem departing into IFR conditions, but I was wrong!

Minutes of General Meeting

By Grace Crittenden

Movies under the Stars: For August, instead of our usual meeting, we gathered at Oceano Airport for Movie Night on Saturday, August 5. Jolie Lucas organizes this annual event. Some people fly in from out of town. Some are camping, and some drove in for the evening. Amazingly the fog that had the airport socked in all afternoon cleared out about the time the cars started to arrive. Everyone knew to dress warmly. The weather was chilly but warm enough to bring out a few mosquito and lots of kids, dogs and planes and pilots. A Piper Cub was giving rides.
Our intrepid leader, Anele Brooks, brought hot dogs with all the trimmings.
There were wire sticks to roast the hot dogs over the open fire. Everyone had fun trying to find the optimal hot spot in the fire that was not too hot to give those hot dogs the perfect crispy shell. Anele also brought strawberry shortcake with beautiful fresh strawberries and of course a pile of whipped cream. Just in case that was not enough, there were s’more kits with the biggest marshmallows you have ever seen. 
When the light started to fade, it was time for the show. The movie was projected on the side of the hangar, and the sound system was top notch. The Rocketeer had lots of silly action and laughs. Apparently much of the filming was done in this area [in SMX, see photo at the top] but there were no obvious local scenes.
We were still chuckling and a little moist with the dew as we gathered up the chairs and packed up the leftovers. We all agreed that this was an event that we want to make sure to have on the calendar next year. A memorable evening.

Dates and Schedules 

Comments, corrections, and suggestions are welcome. Fly-outs: any dates are flexible and we will confirm plans and set times at the chapter meeting before the scheduled fly-out. Seats will be available for non-pilots, students, and pilots without wings. We want every seat to be filled, so let us know if you want to come along.
September 6th
Chapter Meeting at the Spirit of San Luis at 6 pm, social gathering starts at 5:30 pm.
October (day t.b.d.)
San Luis Obispo Airport Day & Cal Fire Open House
Kathy Dannecker will organize a SLO 99s booth
December 2nd
Toys for Tots & Poker Run at Oceano Airport. Details t.b.d.
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