Slipstream November 2019

Chairman’s Message

By Susan Steeb

The SLO99s continue to carry out the mission of the 99s!

The established purpose of the Ninety-Nines organization was for the mutual support
and advancement of women pilots, “good fellowship, jobs and a central office and files on
women in aviation”. In choosing a name for the organization attendee, Amelia Earhart
proposed their name be taken from the sum total of the first 99 charter members who
attended the meeting and who had expressed an interest in forming the organization which
then was formally named “The Ninety-Nines”.

In honor of mutual support and the embodiment of the Ninety-Nine mission, I want to
thank a few of our members:

Cynthia Douglas and Lakshmi Vempati – Financial Sponsorship to our chapter.
Both of these ladies made monetary donations to our chapter. But it goes deeper than
that. Their donation came with tickets to attend our SW Section Banquet. Three SLO99s have been directly impacted by these gifts:
  • Avery Paton (photo below) soled this past month. She was able to attend the Section meeting and banquet.
  • Oliva Lewis started her training this summer and is now able to apply a $1,000 scholarship from the SLO99s due to the generosity of our donors. She was also able to attend the banquet.
  • Marina Luckow is working on building her hours, getting her medical and was able to attend the banquet due to the generosity of Cynthia and Lakshmi.
I also want to thank Anne Vojvoda who graduated last summer, got hired by the US Air Force to fly C-17s but still flies back to support the SLO99s and continued to be a support to those that hope to follow in her footsteps.

These three ladies embody the Ninety-Nines mission!

Change of Venue - Next Meeting is At The Spirit!

Our November meeting will be at the Spirit at our regular time 5:30 (socializing), and 6:00pm (main event) meeting [on 11/6].

Please join us to celebrate completing an awesome SW Section meeting and to celebrate some AWESOME firsts for our student pilots, scholarship awards, and the announcements of scholarship funding for 2020 [see more about this in this newsletter below].

We'll wrap up with booking two dates: Cookies to the town and our holiday party.

See you November 6th (just after Elizabeth Dinan's b-day).


  • Theresa Theiler (solo)
  • Avery Paton (photo above, solo)
  • Susan Mercer (started flight training)
  • Lynn Edlund (started flight training)
  • Willow Bailey (started work at ACI Jet to offset flight training goals)

Thank yous - Scholarship Donations

  • Cheryl Cooney - $600
  • Cynthia Douglas - $500
  • Lakshmi Vempatil - $500
  • Susan Steeb - $500

Thank yous - SW Section Meeting Support Staff

  • Cyndi Beaudett, Chris Szarek, Mitch Cooney and Dave Boyd for driving our vans for the SW Section meeting. They ensured everyone got to and from the airport, tours and seminars.