Slipstream May 2017

Chairman’s Message

By Anele Brooks

We started the month of April with an joyful update from Olivia Freidl who just soloed a glider thanks to Julie Butler's generous scholarship. She is young and excited about aviation, looking forward to powered flight and she realizes the benefit of how to control an aircraft with NO power! Olivia and several other of the new faces we are beginning to see regularly at our monthly meetings are the future of aviation and of the 99's. Sadly, we ended the month by saying farewell to one of our founding chapter members Criss Yecny. She and her husband, Al, operate Air San Luis, the longest running aviation business on the field. We all know that if we need something critical to get our plane in the air it can be found at Air San Luis. Hopefully Elizabeth Dinan will be able to give us a report on the memorial service and on what we can do to help Al through this difficult time! [see article below]
May brings us the Oceano Airport Celebration May 12 & 13 [see flyer at the bottom] – this year I am actually wondering if it might rain! The rain that kept some of us grounded has made it possible to view some amazing wildflowers from the air and I am hoping it is not over yet. There are new Third Class Medical regulations – eventually one or more of us will be taking the on-line class and having a primary care physician give us a physical – I for one will miss my bi-annual visit to Dr. Marsh in Lompoc, who will also be retiring in August. May also brings us to our board elections – I am hoping we get some young excited pilots on the board who will inspire us with their enthusiasm and keep our local chapter moving forward. We will also be nominating our representative for the International Meeting in San Antonio and giving her instructions on how to vote. Cheryl Cooney has offered to be our delegate and is registered and ready to go to Texas for us! 

Minutes of General Meeting

By Grace Crittenden
Anele Brooks opened the meeting [April 4, 2017] with an announcement that Criss Yecny, a charter member of our chapter, died last month. We will send her husband, Al a sympathy card. There will be a memorial service April 22.
Janice Odell talked about her spin training (Emergency Manuever Training) class she did last week flying a Decathlon in Santa Paula with CP Aviation. Susan Steeb is doing formation flying with her Bonanza to fly into Oshkosh with the Bonanza Club.
We enjoyed sharing our adventures with stalls, training, and weight and balance.
Olivia Freidl soloed with the glider with 3 landings, one was a crosswind. She has almost 40 hours flying in the glider at Avenal. She is the only girl in the glider program right now. She has earned the nick name of Sully on her soccer team for her flying.
Then the discussion turned to wing walking. We all decided as a chapter that was not an activity we want to do.
AOPA fly-in will include a flight to Oceano Saturday, April 28, and we are planning to sell hamburgers and some-mores and they will be showing “The Rocketeer” that night. This is a fund raising.
Grace Crittenden, Liz Dinan and Liz Ruth are going to the Southwest section meeting (Cheryl Cooney will be going to the AOPA fly-in at Camarillo to help at The Ninety-Nine’s booth) and by unanimous decision they were appointed as the official delegates to the Spring SW Section Meeting.
The Oceano Airport Day will be May 13 with a dance the night before [on the 12th]. We will make plans at the next meeting May 3. See you then!

Celebrating Criss Yecny, April 22, 2017

 By Grace Crittenden
The location was perfect – near the approach end of 29 – near the airport where Criss has spent most of her life and near her home where she raised her family. The tables were set up outside and the weather was warm and sunny, but breezy enough to blow paper plates off the tables. The gathering was a warm and friendly crowd of family and lots of friends from the airport along with a gaggle of Ninety-Nines. Five planes made individual fly-byes and two biplanes flew formation. Dylan Krassensky was managing the traffic in the tower. He just moved back to the area last week. Al was wearing a lei brought to him by Susan Skeeter. She got her start flying and working at Air San Luis and now is a captain for United Air Lines. Everyone there was smiling, but with aching hearts they talked of fond memories and happy times. 
She was indeed a remarkable woman with lots of energy and lots of friends and always with a smile. We all enjoyed barbecue, salad, beer and wine, and desserts from the Ninety-Nines, hanging on to our plates in the wind. There were some wonderful photos of Criss and Al. One was taken on their wedding day and another when they opened Air San Luis – now the longest running business at the airport. As the crowd drifted away you knew a little bit of Criss was going with each of them - to stay forever in their hearts –flying, laughing, loving, smiling – forever.

Dates and Schedules 

Comments, corrections, and suggestions are welcome. Fly-outs: any dates are flexible and we will confirm plans and set times at the chapter meeting before the scheduled fly-out. Seats will be available for non-pilots, students, and pilots without wings. We want every seat to be filled, so let us know if you want to come along.
May 3
Chapter Meeting at the Spirit of San Luis at 6 pm, social gathering starts at 5:30 pm.
May 12-13 
Oceano Airport Celebration (see flyer below)
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