Slipstream March 2017

Chairman’s Message

By Anele Brooks

The weather broke just long enough for Elizabeth Dinan and I to volunteer again for the EAA's Tri-Motor visit to San Luis Obispo. Elizabeth got another chance to fly the Tri-Motor to Paso Robles and get a little more time logged in her logbook!
My day on Sunday started by meeting a “little old lady” who was born in 1928 and was treating herself to a birthday ride in a 1928 Tri-Motor. ACI very graciously allowed her to sit in their lobby while she waited for the flight and to exit from their FBO so she didn't have to deal with the stairs at “our” gate. Needless to say she had a wonderful ride!
Monday I met a woman who had been a stewardess on United Airlines DC-3's. She too was excited about the opportunity to ride on the Tri-Motor. Needless to say, there was always a line since the plane carries 10 passengers and 1 co-pilot.
This particular Tri-Motor was first flown by Transcontinental Air Transport and on July 7, 1929 was used to introduce the first coast-to-coast passenger air/rail service in the United States. Later, on October 25, 1930 it was used to inaugurate the first all air passenger service across the country. It spent many years in Honduras and Mexico was rebuilt in Burbank, hangared again for years and was finally rescued by William F. Harrah in 1964. The restoration was finally completed in 1971 and then was put on display at Harrah's Automobile collection – I am quite sure I must have seen it there, but sadly, I don't remember! It changed hands again and is now owned by the Liberty Aviation Museum of Port Clinton, Ohio and on loan to the EAA Aviation Foundation.
Three of us had the opportunity to ride up to Paso Robles to put the plane away for the night. Elizabeth flew, of course, and we were in for a real treat because we got to see some of the aviation treasures Chuck Wentworth has tucked away in his hanger at KPRB. A beautiful FG-1D Corsair is tucked in one corner, and a Ford Tri-Motor is tucked in another and behind the Corsair is a Fokker Triplane. The entire back wall was lined with round engines – it was an amazing sight.
Being able to volunteer at these aviation shows is one of the best things about being a 99. Lots of pilots and airplane lovers – lots of aviation stories – meeting lots of new people and reconnecting with some that haven't been seen for years, it is a wonderful experience.
Please note that at our next monthly meeting Jolie Lucas will be speaking about:
  • AOPA Regional Fly-in at Camarillo
  • Fly-out to Oceano from Camarillo
  • Annual Oceano Airport Appreciation/Celebration Day 5/12 (see flyer at the bottom of this newsletter)
Make sure to join us at the Spirit of San Luis on Wednesday 3/1 at 6 pm.

Minutes of General Meeting

By Grace Crittenden

21 attended the meeting [February 1, 2017] at the Spirit of San Luis to see Kathy Dannecker’s power point presentation of her December trip to the Caribbean in December. She and her husband few 56 hours [and 7300 NM] in 3 and ½ weeks island hopping sometimes through the clouds. What an amazing trip! She shared a bit of wisdom that she found on her travels - “You can never cross the ocean unless you loose sight of the shore” .
The Santa Maria Safety meeting will be the second Thursday in March. Susan Steep announced that the Ventura chapter has an annual Valentines Santa Ynez fly-out, and this year it will be Sunday Feb 12. Some of us will attend the Winging party Feb 9 Thursday at 12:00 to join members of the Bay Cities Chapter for lunch at the Spirit of San Luis.

Dates and Schedules 

Comments, corrections, and suggestions are welcome. Fly-outs: any dates are flexible and we will confirm plans and set times at the chapter meeting before the scheduled fly-out. Seats will be available for non-pilots, students, and pilots without wings. We want every seat to be filled, so let us know if you want to come along.
March 1
Chapter Meeting at the Spirit of San Luis at 6 pm, social gathering starts at 5:30 pm.
Jolie Lucas will be speaking about:
  • AOPA Regional Fly-in at Camarillo
  • Fly-out to Oceano from Camarillo
  • Annual Oceano Airport Appreciation/Celebration Day (see flyer below)
March 15, 7pm
FAAST Safety Meeting in Santa Maria. Annual Tower Update. Representatives from San Luis Obispo, Santa Maria and Vandenberg AFB, plus the airport administrators and the Safety Officer from VAFB, as well as the Fire Department at SMX (see flyer below). At the Museum of Flight.
May 12-13 
Oceano Airport Celebration (see flyer below)
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