Slipstream June 2020

Our New Chairman’s First Message

By Jill Drexhage

I was born at Sierra Vista Hospital in San Luis Obispo, and I was raised in Arroyo Grande. I have never moved away from the central coast and because of that, I love hearing and learning about local history. There is so much history in this area, and some relating to aviation.
If you haven't heard of Harriett Quimby, a quick google search will tell you she was the first woman to get a pilots license in the United States in 1911. She was also the first woman to fly solo across the English Channel. What an amazing woman for her accomplishments, and for paving the way for women in aviation. So, what do she have to do with the Central Coast?
Harriet and her family moved to Arroyo Grande between 1887 and 1890. She later claimed Arroyo Grande as her birthplace in interviews. If you're interested in local history, my Dad, Gary Hoving, co-wrote Images of America Arroyo Grande and Harriet Quimby and Amelia Earhart are pictured in the book. Plus, there's lots of other interesting local history and pictures.

We will host our June SLO99s meeting on Zoom again.  

The meeting will start 5:30 pm on June 3rd. The Zoom link, meeting ID and password were sent out on May 30 to the SLO99s Yahoo Group mailing list and are not repeated here for security reasons.

If you have the occasion to get in the air or continue your aviation story, take pictures and share with the group. We have four ways to do that.

 Updates to Future Activities 

This is a list of changes to our event calendar. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, all dates below are tentative. Please keep looking for updates on cancellations and postponements and check before taking off. 

→ see also at the bottom of this newsletter for a complete list of dates & schedules
June 3
Monthly General Meeting (first Wednesday of each month)
The session link to use and the time was announced via email on the Yahoo Group mailing list on May 30th by Jill (not repeated here for security).
Starts 5:30 pm.
(meeting takes place on the first Wednesday of each month)
June 6
Fly-Out: Lompoc KLPC for picnic lunch - Stop by The Spirit before to pick up lunch - Take-out for Fly-Out!
May 15-17 (fly)
June 19-21 (fly)
Antelope Valley 99s in Kern Valley (L05) - Sarah Weiss 
Camping, white water rafting, movie under the stars.
$99 for all activities. Tickets and info:
June 12-13 (fly)
Visiting Tish in Grass Valley
July 8-12 (fly)
International 99s Conference - Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA
July 20-26 (fly)
Oshkosh Air Venture EAA Fly-in.


Minutes of the General Meeting (online on ZOOM)(5/6/2020)

By Susan Steeb


Attached is a picture of the screen showing who was in attendance [see at the top of this newsletter]. We had 17 in total. Elizabeth Dinan joined by phone. Anna, Olivia and Sneha were able to attend from out of town. Anna is in Columbus Ohio flying T-6's then onto the T-1 at Travis. Olivia is finishing up her PPL and will transition to the C-10 at Travis. Sneha has a civilian job with maintenance on the C-10s at Travis.