Slipstream July 2018

Chairman’s Message 

By Susan Conner-Steeb
Summer has arrived and a buzz is in the air…the buzz of an airplane engine!
Note: The July Chapter Meeting will be held on the 11th, not the 4th of July. 
(starts 6pm, socializing from 5:30 at the Spirit of San Luis)
It has been exciting to hear about our chapter’s activities. Erin Hawkes is building instructor hours at SunWest; Jolie Lucas was at the 52nd annual Father’s Day fly-in in Columbia CA and is close to having her Mooney engine back together; Liz Ruth is in New Zealand flying Sophia for NASA; Janice Odell is planning to fly her V-tail to Oshkosh for the first time (maybe with Elizabeth); Tish Allan is playing with the idea of owning a plane again; Marina Luckow is looking into scholarships; Grace Crittenden is aiming to fly every week this summer; Tiphani soloed at John Wayne; I’m sure Kathy Dannecker is planning another awesome trip somewhere soon and I am flying left seat in the Bonanzas 2 Oshkosh (B2OSH) formation mass arrival in July.  What stories have I missed?  I’m sure there are more. What an awesome group of pilots. The best part, we are growing. We had two new attendees to our meeting last month. Read about them in our meeting minutes below.
We met our new tower controller Amanda at our last meeting and were excited to learn that she wants to fly. Keep her in mind if you fly with an extra seat. She is now on the email.
As you make plans and enjoy your summer, take pictures and share your journey with the group. We have two [or four, the ed.] ways to do that. We have
If you have not already joined our Facebook page, please do and please post.
Happy Summer Ladies! Get out there, enjoy the beautiful long days and clear skies, then come to the meeting and tell us all about it.
Remember our July meeting has been moved to the second Wednesday due to the 4th of July holiday. See you July 11th

Minutes of General Meeting

By Marina Luckow

  • Liz Dinan has been a member of the 99’s for 60 years! 
  • Fly out to New Cuyama- June 16th
  • Oceano moved “movie night” to August 25th. 
  • Santa Paula “Star Glow” hot air balloon event August 25th 
  • Next Southwest Section meeting is in Claremont (see image on the right)
  • Santa Maria Central Coast Air Fest October 6-7th
  • International conference in 2020 - Long Beach
  • We had 3 guests:
  • Robin Hagem-lived in Alaska but lives here now, has a bunch of ratings but stopped flying, and wants to get current 
  • Amanda Andrews. Erin Hawkes brought Amanda who heads the front desk at SunWest Aviation in KSBP. 
  • Amanda Carter, tower, from Santa Rosa, discussion about procedures at the airport, trained in the army base for tower in Alabama, worked at an FAA tower in Palo Alto, 1 runway and all training=very busy, happy to be here. She updated us on who works in the tower.
                 Dylan-Currently in Alaska
                 Ryan-Going FAA
                 Robert-Been here approximately a year.  
  • Treasurer Report 
  • $1800~ first 2 checks from Oceano  
  • Need to keep money until planning for Southwest meeting is done. 
  • Attendants: Marina Luckow, Erin Hawkes, Janice Odell, Amanda Andrews, Amanda Carter, Robin Hagem, Liz Dinan, Susan Steeb, Kathy Dannecker, and Grace Crittenden

Dates and Schedules 

July 3-8
99s International, Philadelphia
July 11
Chapter Meeting at the Spirit of San Luis at 6 pm, social gathering starts at 5:30 pm.