Slipstream January 2018

Chairman’s Message 

By Anele Brooks

A new year seems to be an appropriate time to review our Mission Statement. This past year our chapter has participated in the Oceano Airport Celebration, Oceano Movie Night, the opening of the new Airport Terminal and Toys for Tots in Oceano. We also had representatives at the Paso Robles Air Fest in August. All these events were great ways to promote women in aviation.
  • The Ninety-Nines Mission Statement:
  • The Ninety-Nines is the international organization
  • of women pilots that promotes advancement
  • of aviation through education, scholarships and
  • mutual support while honoring our unique history
  • and sharing our passion for flight.

I keep hearing that some members don't attend meetings because they are “boring”. Our meetings are not about entertainment, they are supposed to facilitate ways to participate in the local aviation community, inspire young (and sometimes older) women to fly and to help all of us remain current and enthusiastic about aviation. Our meetings are a great place to share flying experiences, those of us who heard Grace's stories about her Oregon Flying Adventure this story were on the edge of our seats the entire time she calmly told us about flying through the Oregon fires this summer! We also enjoyed watching the Bonanza Formation Group fly into Oshkosh – our very own Susan Steeb was one of those pilots, Jolie shared a video of her flying her Mooney. All very exciting!
This coming quarter we are looking forward to a debrief of the last fly-out to Camarillo – weather was an issue! The Airport Manager will be here in February and Liz Ruth has offered to give us a presentation about her job at NASA, flying a 747-Sport. In April we will celebrate Elizabeth Dinan's 60th Anniversary as a Ninety-Nine. We are also looking for volunteers to speak at one of the Estrella Air Museum meetings. If you have an idea for a meeting please feel free to schedule it – just give us a heads up so there are no conflicts – everyone is on the Yahoo Group list!

The Christmas Party 2017

By Grace Crittenden

Instead of the December chapter meeting we all gathered at Grace Crittenden’s home for our annual Christmas party. With lots of laughter and hangar talk, there was a chance to get to know some of the spouses and learn more about other members. There was plenty of turkey, just in case we had not had enough at Thanksgiving, and lots of good food, treats and an amazing cheese cake to share. The chapter Christmas party was a happy time. Everyone went home with a gift in hand and there was only laughter about the gifts that were “stolen”.
The next weekend was Cookies to the Tower. A crowd turned out for breakfast at the Spirit of San Luis to try the new breakfast menu. We all enjoyed the good food and happy conversation. Once the tables were cleared of dishes, out came the boxes of cookies, and we filled four platters high with goodies. One tray was left for the workers at the Spirit. It was a beautiful day to be on the tarmac as we made our first delivery to the tower. The tower crew was happy to see us and welcomed us in. Somehow they seemed to be expecting us. After delivering those treats, we ambled across the tarmac to the fire station, careful to avoid the restricted area around the new terminal , but even so we were “challenged” to show our airport badges, both coming and going, by the ground crew. The fire crew were pleased to see us. The Thomas Fire was in full swing, so they were likely to stay there through Christmas. There would be no one to relieve them until the fire was under control. The last bunch of cookies would be delivered to the airport administration office on Monday.
It was a very fun morning and tradition enjoyed by all involved.

Dates and Schedules 

Jan 3
Chapter Meeting at the Spirit of San Luis at 6 pm, social gathering starts at 5:30 pm.
Guest speaker Kevin Bumen
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