Slipstream January 2017

Chairman’s Message

By Anele Brooks
Thank you to everyone who attended our annual Christmas Party. There were more people this year and it is always nice to see some of our members who are unable to get to our meetings on the first Wednesday of the month. Which brings me to a question. We briefly discussed the possibility of alternating our days in order to make it possible for some of our members who work on Wednesdays to come to some of our meetings, or we could change the day. Please e-mail your thoughts since if we only discuss this at our next meeting the people who can't come on Wednesday won't be there to contribute their ideas!
We had a nice group delivering cookies this year. We delivered to the tower first, then entered the back door of the fire station – and surprised them – sang a very short version of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and departed. I delivered cookies to the Airport Administration Office and the woman there (it was lunchtime) was very happy and very surprised to receive them. It probably isn't every day that someone does something nice for the Airport Management Staff!
Years ago the SLO 99's made cookies for the Safety Meetings held at the Veteran's Hall, we deliver cookies at Christmas and Patty Lynn (Santa Maria Chapter) spearheads the dinners served at the Safety Meetings in Santa Maria. We are nurturers at heart! This year we welcomed several young ladies who are interested in learning to fly. Julie Butler has offered to donate scholarship funds for Janice Odell's niece, Olivia's, glider lessons. My hope is that in 2017 we can mentor and perhaps award a scholarship or two to these young ladies as they begin their aviation adventures. 
It has been a long time since we have had so many young people show an interest in aviation, they are the future of not only aviation, but also the 99's and I hope we, who have been involved in aviation for a long time, are able to inspire and assist them in obtaining their pilot's licenses. This ties in to the January Safety Meeting which is a review of the new training standards being implemented by the FAA. You also receive Wings Credit for attending and if we can figure out how to win the SWS Wings contest we can help one of our current members with a new rating!
Technology is amazing, now even 3 year olds can learn to fly!

Rewarding Our Best at the SWS Winter Workshop (1/28/2017)

Dear 99’s

Share, learn and get tips on how to receive the recognition your members or your chapter deserves at the Southwest Section Winter Workshop. The 99’s have programs to acknowledge the hard work of dedicated members at the International, Section and Chapter levels. This fun and rewarding workshop will focus on boosting 99 pride as well as chapter involvement. Bring your questions and your knowledge as we celebrate the 99’s brightest and best in beautiful Orange County, CA.
Ayres Hotel, 325 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA – Minutes from KSNA-John Wayne Airport
$42 includes lunch
Registration is made by paying for the workshop with credit card through the OC 99’s PayPal account.  You will be contacted for details and that will serve as your registration confirmation. Registrations are nonrefundable but may be transferred or donated if unable to attend.
Hotel Infor-mation
Room block for Friday Night & Saturday night. Deluxe Rooms (single/double) $132/Junior Suite (single/double) $152. Additional guest $ 10 per person. Complimentary wireless internet services throughout hotel. Fresh baked cookies in the lobby each evening
Contact Information:

Dates and Schedules 

Comments, corrections, and suggestions are welcome. Fly-outs: any dates are flexible and we will confirm plans and set times at the chapter meeting before the scheduled fly-out. Seats will be available for non-pilots, students, and pilots without wings. We want every seat to be filled, so let us know if you want to come along.
January 4
Chapter Meeting at the Spirit of San Luis at 6 pm, social gathering starts at 5:30 pm.
January 18
FAAST Safety Meeting: Be a Safe Pilot using PAVE, Dennis Magdaleno (DPE Van Nuys)
7 pm, Santa Maria Museum of Flight, 3015 Airport Drive, Santa Maria, CA.
See flyer below.
January 28
SWS Winter Workshop, Orange Co., Ayers Hotel
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